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by on April 17, 2019
Prøv bubble soccer med de gennemsigtige bolde og nyd en underholdende dag. Book bumper balls allerede i dag. Book dit bumper ball event på Bumperball It is a new sport popular in Europe. It is an extreme sports that plays soccer while putting on a ball called Bumper and pushing each other. For more details, please see the video above. Bubble football has become famous for the programs taken in the planning of a TV program called GOLDEN GOLE. Originally, BUMPER used in bubble soccer was invented by Canadians in 2008. After that, it was interesting to use it in soccer, and it was the beginning of the beginning that I played bubble soccer for event planning. However, when I uploaded the video I took with GOLDEN GOLE to YOUTUBE, there were echoes from all over the world, and now I can only check and play Bubble Soccer in the following countries. UK, Ireland, Italy, Austria, Netherlands, Kazakhstan, Denmark, Germany, Norway, Hungary, Canada, USA, Australia, Japan, Spain, Lebanon, Sweden, Some countries are already very popular as a competition, for example, in the Netherlands it is possible to do bubble soccer at 22 facilities even if it is just confirmed. Book Your bubble soccerhere -
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