Gurmanroop Kaur
by on April 22, 2019
What is eLearning? It is the short term for ‘electronic learning’ and is regarded to be a learning system to use the web to educate individuals, be it students in a college or staffs and professionals at any office. There is a need to have a proper strategy in place since the framework gets defined in the eLearning program. The learner does require a structured program, so as to understand better the intended objectives and to provide the desired result on successful completion of the program. The final step of the program is to be in a position to explain logically as to how the goals and objectives are met. Before combing the program, it is necessary to know the mental make-up of the audiences like attitudes towards computer-based education, comfort with its usage, training readiness and motivation factors to get trained. Having these factors in the proper place, it is possible to come up with a quality-based e-learning program that will work like magic. What is the eLearning made up of? According to the experts at ESLeave, eLearning strategy generally comprises of key elements like content, technology, communication, financial analysis and support. There are also used the best eLearning authoring tools to come up with an effective eLearning program. The technology is used to deliver an asynchronous or synchronous program. • Real-time interaction is present between learner and trainer in synchronous technology. Learners use web URL to tune-in. It includes webcasts, chats and web seminars. • Learners in asynchronous technology control place, content viewed and time. It includes knowledge portals, help systems, and web-based training. At times, both are mixed together to form a comprehensive program. Significance of quality content Content definitely forms the very backbone of any e-learning program and uses the best eLearning development tools. It is generally done under proper SME (subject matter expert) guidance. The instructional designers are to provide interactive stimulation. Every program is to have a proper support system, like user ID and password, troubleshooting options for learners along with online assistance to help with learner queries. How the program is to be assigned, managed and tracked successfully is also to be determined. For a successful e-learning program, along with the most appropriate tools, there will be necessary proper and effective communication. Financial analysis of students is crucial since it helps to determine the nature of technology, content authoring tools, support software/hardware, etc. ESLeave is the best place to seek knowledge of e-learning programs and how to come up with the strategies for the business.
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