Julia Mells
by on April 23, 2019
The history of toys dates back, probably from the very times when the first people appeared on earth. To think that this is nothing more than entertainment is wrong. The process of the game is much more important, while the child develops, learns the world, learns more about reality. Because it is important to allow your child to play enough while he is still at a young age. Toys – a universal means of knowing the world, they play everything - and children from poor families, and the offspring of royal blood. Such a pastime will be very useful in the future, because it is at this age that children are especially susceptible to learning and absorbing new knowledge and skills. Suffice it to recall the example of the actress O.L. Knipper-Chekhova, who in childhood loved to play home theater. Games are also useful for boys, as they teach and prepare them to be real men. What do modern boys and girls play? If you watch their games, you can see how the first imitate their fathers, and the second - moms, watching them. Thus, every child already from his youth tries on the role of an adult. So it was before, and so it remains now. Girls tend to reach for dolls, sets of toy dishes, soft toys. Boys in toy stores will always prefer cars and pistols. But do not think that this separation will not allow girls and boys to fully develop. In addition, the boy may well be interested in "girlish" toys, as well as vice versa. And if he sees how his dad, instead of his mother, is washing dishes or vacuuming, he can include these actions in the game with the girls.It is important that the toys surround the baby from the very first days of his life. This will be invaluable in the development of the senses - sight, hearing, touch. Well and, besides, bright big toys will cause positive emotions in the child. When the baby grows up - he will move to a new level of knowledge of the world, playing, will receive a rewarding experience. Taking this opportunity, I would like to recommend to you the site, where you can always find current reviews of children's toys, thanks to which you can choose the really best gift for your child! Highly recommend! As a rule, playing children create a reality for themselves in which they behave like adults. However, they often use objects inherent in adults. If a child plays school, he will give marks to his toy “pupils” with a real pen and draw on the blackboard with chalk; if he plays the builder, he will take a toy hammer. In this case, children tend to play the situations that they observe at home and reproduce those that they have ever experienced. Parents who notice that their son is passionate about playing with dolls or vice versa — her daughter likes to roll cars, you should not worry. Gender separation in this case is nothing more than conditional. The desire of a child to play games unusual for his sex can and should be encouraged, taking advantage of it. So the girl, having collected her fleet, can already at a young age master the rules of the road. A boy who is interested in playing with dolls is more likely to become a good father in the future, since already in childhood he willingly changes diapers to a baby doll. And it is worth remembering that the best fashion designers have always been men. Perhaps a boy who loves to dress up dolls or sew clothes for them will choose this particular profession when he grows up. It is possible that the fascination of the child with "atypical" games will soon pass. In the meantime, do not worry about the fact that it somehow negatively affects the character of the baby or baby. Let the children play, enjoying and developing.
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