Rajat Verma
by on April 23, 2019
Hair transplant is a surgical procedure to treat hair fall or baldness. You may treat your hair loss with some of the herbal and natural remedies but if you are suffering from baldness or bald spots then you must need hair transplant surgery. This is the surgery which has two types such as FUT and FUE, these both types are beneficial to get better results. Some people claim that they do not get proper growth after hair transplant which totally depends on a number of grafts transplanted and the reason behind your hair loss condition. Hair Transplant in Vizag guides you about graft numbers according to your bald area and hairline. The surgeon may guide you according to your reason as well. You should visit the hair transplant specialist once if you are still in doubt. How many numbers of grafts do you need to transplant? A normal person who experience normal hair loss only need 500 to 800 grafts but without a crown. Or if a person is suffering from bald spots on the crown he needs 1500-2000 grafts because hairline and crown both have to treat. Moreover, if you are totally bald then you need almost 3000 hair grafts in order to treat your condition.
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