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by on April 23, 2019
We all know that selenium is an open source software testing automation tool. It became best software product in quality assurance. It supports many programming languages and operating systems. At present it used by Fitbit, Hub-spot, Google, and Netflix. The total suite offer a wide range of answers for different testing problems and requirements. Pros of Selenium Unlimited Plugins Selenium can enlarged beyond on its capabilities, with a big range of plugins that are more similar. In this appium and selendroid are two tools. Here you can see the third party plugins that are somewhat officially implemented by Selenium. However, you can find many unsupported ones in Github. You can also find your latest and easy product like eclipse and Jenkins with selenium training. Big community If you see a data Driven Company, it provide an interesting result. Into the software, testing tools place. You can see selenium take unstable 40 % of market share of every software testing tools. With its competitor UFT, taking just 12 % it is amazing statistics. Supported by many languages The best thing that selenium supports is test automation. At the starting, we have only ten languages that is supported by Java, ruby, C, Java script, Perl, C#, PHP. However, today it supports many languages. It is the main tool that which cover Linux. Best for Mobile testing With selenium, you can test old, new, hybrid, web and mobile applications. Even though if you need additional software we have two options that is selendroid and appium. These based on Selenium so that developers apply the same principles when they test the mobile apps. Both this tools are open source tools and have best community support. The main difference is Appium. It supports both the iOS, android and windows versions. While Selendroid mainly focus on android. Selendroid connected with Appium. By that when you test the android versions 2.3 and 4.3. The program will be exactly switched to selendroid with selenium online training. It may look that by using Appium, we have much logical choice and option, that is not a limit you that only one OS. However, it designs more sense to use Selendroid if you are planning to test the android more exclusively. It has some important features like hot plugging. So you can plug in and un-plug devices that can be tested at one time. We have other niche tools like Robotium and iOS driver that is a selenium web driver API for iOS testing Integrated with Selenium Grid options. Continuous workflow and Integrated with Devops and Agile Selenium following the DevOps and Agile before these words were in practice. The total nature of selenium will go perfectly into the main principles behind Continuous delivery, DevOps, Agile and many more. As we know that it is portable on all platforms and every time it does not, need learning, latest languages like selenium, which known for unmatched flexibility? Selenium easily Integrates with many development platforms like Sauce labs, Qmetry, testing, maven and Jenkins. Parallel testing with selenium grid, that which allows developers to get feedback as much as faster and work on modifications right away. Instead of waiting overnight for an exam. Selenium is free Selenium is not only an automation-testing tool in the market. Not only free one compete with other type of paid products. You seen in our Automated, testing tools comparison. Katalon Studio is only alternative it does not offer more than language. It does not work on Linux OS. Cons of selenium It do not have reporting capabilities Project managers, Developers, testers, they do not need to get access to test results. Which is most visualized in the forms of tables, charts and they supported by Screenshots and do not have reporting. Tech Support If you have any error in that, we get support from the community but. If you want to contact them, there are no more companies for the commercial support and guidance. It offer a short list of companies in their eco-system page. No-In-Built Image In the QA method, it have difficulties in automating the image Verification. The best way to decide an image id displayed correctly on the screen. Is that they have to check it manually. While it is only normal many productions to implement a combination of automated and manual testing. Straight learning At present codeless testing, is the fashion? It accepts that anyone who has no deep programming language allowed to do the tests. Some testing tools like Ranorex, tricentis, testcomplete option by designing a user. A friendly UI on top of the code layer will start switching between only two types of modes. Testers write scripts and they get feedback. However, they have to skip the coding part if it needed selenium online training in Hyderabad.
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