by on April 29, 2019
Digital marketing strategy starts with a client’s journey from being a new customer and later converting them into loyal and repeat buyers of your products. This is what we sometimes refer to ''customer value journey''. Each and every prospect must pass through this process to become a potential client. Nevertheless, the truth of the matter is that marketing is not a one step process but you have to proceed further after buying the product to promotion strategies. In the digital marketing business, understanding the customer value journey is substantial for your business to thrive well. This denotes you will have an easy way to generate your leads while referrals and reviews will just be spontaneous. Now, in this article, we will dive to the focal points of digital marketing strategies that can move your business a step further. Awareness This is the initial step of the customer value journey and the digital marketing strategy. For a prospect customer to buy your product or services, they have to know you first. Now, how do you increase your awareness? There are three possible situations in which a prospect customer can know about your products and services. This includes; Facebook advertisements, searching on Google or posting Instagram video about your business. An enormous number of people and most small business digital marketing consultant use Facebook ads to display their products and services to make their business popular. Furthermore, there are a number of digital marketing tactics that can help you improve the awareness of your business; Digital advertising, Content marketing, Social medial marketing and Search marketing. Engagement Now that your prospect knows of your existence, it is your high time to build a working and strong relationship with them. Build trust with your prospects by conversing with them frequently. You can simply do this while capturing their attention by providing informative, entertaining content. Attracting customers is a continuing process throughout the customer value journey. Subscribe Your prospects knowing your products or services that you offer does not mean they will buy from you. After conversing with them, instead of asking for money, ask them for their contact information. This will enable you to contact them in future and you might turn them into customers. Through performing this action, you will not only add them to your subscribers list but you will also give them access to the content, services or products which you offer. In order to receive more subscribers for your company, take part in the following marketing tactics; Email marketing, Content marketing, Digital marketing, Conversion rate optimization. Convert This is a critical stage in the customer value journey every marketer should be aware of. You will now need to convert your subscribers to new customers. Recall, this is not where you are starting to make profit, your main aim should be to get potential customers and profit will come later. Employ the entry-point-offers to engross your subscribers and give them immense value. Excite The little amount of time or money your prospects have invested is enough to create trust and good will with your prospects. Your prospects must get value from such little transaction for them to move on buying expensive products or services from you. Such a good experience displayed from your customers gives you morale to maximize marketing chances and provide valuable products and services. From the above strategies, the customer value journey is the foundation of a successful digital marketing business. Applying all of these digital marketing strategies will make your business stand out.
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