Rohan Dhawan
by on April 30, 2019
For every homeowner, having the right environment is normally top on the list. How one manages the flow of energy within the home is a crucial. This is because the techniques embraced determine whether you are going to generate positive energy or otherwise. Feng Shui is the most effective way to make use of energy in the home. Feng Shui brings magic to your home by enabling you to organize your home in a way that affects you in a positive manner. Feng Shui is not just about moving furniture or objects in your house. It entails selecting particular objects and placing them in strategic positions to boost the ambience in the home. Let us delve into the top five Feng Shui tips you need to have for your home. 1. Get proper lighting Our human design responds to light and darkness in various ways. While darkness is a source of negative energy, light promotes positivity. Due to this, homeowners are highly encouraged to check on the quality of light in their homes. Investing in good and reliable lighting eliminates negative energy in the home boosting the feel-good factor brought about by positive energy. Also Read- TIPS TO ENRICH YOUR LOVE LIFE, CAREER, AND LUCK WITH FENG SHUI 2. Get rid of clutter In other words, having a clutter free environment promotes positivity. How does it feel when you get clutter in the spaces that greet you? Naturally, cluttered spaces tend to sap positive energy from you. As such, it is advisable to get rid of any unnecessary elements in your home. This creates an open space that allows positive energy to flow. 3. Invest in soothing colors Colors are part of life. We all respond to color in predictable ways. For this reason, Feng Shui utilizes color by focusing on shades that capture positive energy in your home. It achieves this by creating that desire harmony and balance. In the same manner, identify color codes that brighten your space. For instance, yellow has an element of energy as it reflects the sun. 4. Create the flow of fresh air Air has a way of boosting freshness in the home. However, when stagnated it stifles energy s it dampens the overall ambience in the home space. Homes with free airflow create a soothing effect. It allows positive energy to flow in the house by eliminating negative energy that flows out. In effect, you should always keep your windows and blinds open to enhance airflow in the house. 5. Invest in natural interiors Feng Shui gets inspiration from nature. Since it is deeply connected with nature, its approaches embody characteristics of the natural world such as water, plants and sunlight. These important features are crucial because they go beyond the aesthetics and contribute to natural healing and revitalization. Nature elevates your moods and brings balance within the home. Some of the ways you can achieve this is by embracing ideas that introduce green elements in your house. Some of these elements include hanging gardens, living walls, getting indoor plants and so on. These great additions promote wellness and a sense of stability in the home. For More information visit-
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