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Scarborough is the capital of the smaller of the two islands of the state of Trinidad and Tobago, the capital of Tobago. Until 1991, the port was not deep-water and could not moor cruise ships here. Now there are no problems with this and ships regularly come here. Places are interesting on the island more in terms of beaches. There are no other special attractions. And the city itself is very boring and has only one museum. From Scarborough you can take a ferry to Trinidad and there is an international airport.
1. I began to study the city before I got off the liner. It first seemed boring to me and I began to think what to do and where I could go then, to spend an interesting day.
2. The population of the city is about 25 thousand people. The city is named after one of the cities in the UK
3. One of the main income of the island is tourism. They earn money on tourists in hotels that fly by airplanes and on those who arrive for one day, from cruise liners. All of these buses are taken either on sightseeing tours or to the beaches. Transportation prices are very high.
4. Welcome to the port of Scarborough. The island is hot and it is one of the few rooms where the real cool and there is Internet. It works well only on the porch along the very center, and there you can also find a shadow leaning against the wall of the porch. The speed is not always good. You can also find lots of souvenirs there,
5. It is very difficult to distinguish the city and suburbs, when I walked I didn’t even notice how I left the city on the highway, and then I went to other localities in general. But I will write about this in other posts. Scarborough is the capital of the island only since 1769.
6. I will not name the beautiful and picturesque coast in this area, all tourists for a beach holiday are often taken to another island. But I will say right away that the mountains and the center of the island are very beautiful.
7. Of course it's good to look at the city from the height of the liner, but you also need to go down. We descended to the city with the only purpose of finding transportation and finding out what the sights were. Right in the port we were given a map, where both beaches and interesting places were marked. I looked at a couple of waterfalls for myself and started asking how to get there without knowing the language. The prices were so high that made me really surprised, so I went to look around the city for public transport.
8. The building in the city is mostly low-rise, I would even say that the city looks like a village.
9. Locals behave rahther strangely and the answer to the question where the bus stop is "there are no buses in the city", although in fact there are buses. Though, they all want to go by taxi and this is the income of their families. As a result, the search for stops and schedules turned into a journey and adventure through the streets of the city. The stop was naturally found and there were both local dissatisfied and tourists satisfied waiting transport.
However, my friends told that the used the local free ads website Pin and you can easily buy and rent anything you need. Moreover, it's possible to organize everything even before the trip.
10. I finally could not wait in anticipation of the bus and decided to go to the center of the island on foot. I do not know whether it is a mistake or not. But about this path I will write in a couple of days.
The things that impressed me:
11. What is this tree? I did not understand, and curiosity does not leave to this day. Some kind of yellow fruit on it.
12. A view of the city from a low altitude and even a little overlooking my cruise liner.
13. Main highway in the city and outside the city. As you can see the traffic here is lively and therefore a bridge is made across the road. The road leads to the airport, and in the other direction to the other settlements of the island.
14. Behind the route, a completely different island life begins and I will tell about it in my other posts.
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