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by on May 7, 2019
How many stories have we heard throughout our lifetime that began with the phrase, ‘Back in my day’? Odds are, probably more than we remember. ‘Back in my day’ encompasses not only a few stories, but it also relates back to an entire era that was completely different than the one baby boomers and the generations since grew up in. When seniors recall an event from their time, they’re basically sharing a fragment from their memories with us which they feel like is either thought-provoking or relatable for the current generation. Senior citizens of our country went through a time that was centered around different trends, different icons, and different current events. Today, they recall those times by telling us what happened back in their day.
Suffice to say, anyone who’s grown up with a loving parent or grandparent would want nothing more than to see them live a fulfilling life. For any human being, the biggest cause of anguish can be the realization that they’ve lost their sense of independence. Age is one of the most predominant factors that take a toll on an individual’s mental and physical state. There comes a time when an elder’s state of well-being over encompasses what their family can provide for them. While long considered as impractical (and sometimes even ungrateful) on the part of the elder citizen’s family, a nursing home is probably the steadiest option out there for a lot of families.
In 1996, Kenneth ‘Kenny’ Rozenberg started a chain of health care providers in the United States known as Centers Health Care. The series of health centers that popped up under its domain wasn’t confined to nursing homes alone; the area also rehabilitation centers, assisted living facilities, and so much more. When establishing Centers Health Care, Rozenberg had one thought in mind: to provide the senior citizens of America with an establishment that provided for them, while also enabling them to retain their independence. There are a number of professionals working at their nursing homes who have gone through numerous years of training both before and during their tenure at the facility.
Choosing a nursing home for a loved one can be an agonizing task. These are the people you’ve grown up with and loved for as long as you’ve known. By sending them to a nursing home, you aren’t sending them away in an ‘out of sight, out of mind’ matter. You have to take a lot of factors into consideration such as: proper management and care, adequate nutrition, recreational activities, and so many more. Centers Health Care is one of America’s leading nursing home companies which has maintained a name for itself throughout the two decades since its inception. They have some of the most highly trained and highly qualified staff who will make sure that your loved ones are provided with the care that they need.
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