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by on May 9, 2019
Many of you ask yourself the question "what if I started my own business? “ When you have capitalized on a few years of experience and have a good command of your job, you always think that wage earning has its advantages but that working for yourself is perhaps even better. Who has never dreamed of being his own boss? Unfortunately, starting your business is not as easy as you might think.
Every day, we hear about businesses closing down and the dreams of ambitious entrepreneurs turning to dust. Almost every successful entrepreneur will tell you that they need a mentor who can guide them. Tony Park is an Australian speaker and author with years of experience under his belt. He created the Business Tribes program and book that you can use in order to improve your prospects in business, organizations, and in life. He has been guiding aspiring individuals who want to start their business as well. Park has generated more than $50 million over the past 40 years, helping business owners in various industries. If you are looking for a mentor who can guide you, Tony Park can be that guy. Park believes in simplifying the approach to business, and he shares a few key pointers about doing business below.
Evaluate the challenges
All businesses face challenges to prosper and continue to grow. Are you ready to face the challenges your business will have to face? Becoming aware of it will help you better prepare for it. Here are the main ones:
• Am I able to find customers and develop the market?
• Am I able to maintain a continuous workload?
• Am I able to stand up to the competition?
• Will I find qualified staff?
Taking the time to answer all these issues will help you to identify some of the challenges you will face and the opportunities to exploit.
Assess Yourself
Take stock of your personal qualities that will allow you to carry out your project. Do you have the qualifications to run your own business? Successful entrepreneurs come from different backgrounds, have dissimilar personalities and skill levels, but they are all passionate.
Here is a list of essential qualities for a future entrepreneur: Passionate, active, strategic, flexible, and able to seek advice from his peers, aware of his faults, leader, creative, innovative, disciplined, rigorous and communicative.
If you find that you have shortcomings in some of these areas, look for those qualities in those who will work closely with you! A skills check can also help you get to know you better and determine if you have the skills to get started in entrepreneurship.
Tony Park has a lot more to share with his readers. He currently works as the Head Business Gardener at The Business Gardener and has also co-authored a book called Ignite Your Life. If you are thinking about starting your own business, going through some of Park’s work can provide you with the boost you need.
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