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by on May 13, 2019
A creative essay can be considered an opportunity in showing the extent of your brilliance in writing in a unique and interesting way.
What must be understood is that this type of paper isn’t thoroughly academic in nature however it isn’t lackadaisical either, rather when writing a creative essay you think of a unique point of view and build up on that idea and add in some unique twists and turns to keep readers reading. In some essay types readers often find themselves reading for the sake of reading in order to finish what they started.
In creative essays readers should have the feeling of wanting to hurry from one line to the next in order to find out what you’ve written and how the idea progresses. It is based on this that the following guide will elaborate on specific techniques you can use to create an essay with a certain degree of flare!
You don’t necessarily need to stick to stick with your main idea in a creative essay
In most essays it is often emphasized that you should stick with your main idea and build up on it, while this is true for almost all types of academic essays this isn’t necessarily true for creative essays. For example, at the start of a paper on abortion you could build up on its positive aspects then midway you could make a dramatic turnaround and emphasize the right to life of the unborn child in an overly dramatic way.
By doing so you surprise readers and make them want to see why you chose to change your views all of sudden. This particular technique is often used for essays dealing with controversial topics where writers draw readers in with a general view then emphasize a controversial one.
You can place your “conclusion” in the beginning
The inherent benefit of creative essays is in the amount of flexibility given to writers, so long as they make coherent sense and fit properly a writer could place sections in any order they wish. For example, writers could place their conclusion in the beginning of their creative essays and utilize the remaining paragraphs explaining why they chose this particular view. By doing so this makes the essay unique and creative and as such entices readers to read it from start to finish.
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