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by on May 13, 2019
You are going to arrange an event either persona or official, you need to focus on some important thing when selecting a projector. In addition to the size and clarity of the room, must consider several factors when choosing a projector for an event. You should select audio-visual companies who provide the Projector and Screen Hire services, First, think about the result and walk away from it. Before choosing a projector, answer a few questions. Use this list to start a discussion with your provider. The Size of the Audience: If you are planning a presentation for a small group of ten to twenty people, fit a simple and inexpensive model. If the audience reaches hundreds of people, you may need to consider a projector with more clarity or a wide-angle lens. Configuration of Room: How much space do you have in front? Although you like the idea of the rear projection where the projector projects behind the screen, use another 10 to 20 feet in front of the room to install the projector and projector. screen. When selecting projectors, room lighting plays an important role, which can neither be reduced nor turned off completely for example, for large windows without blinds. The more backlight, the brighter the projector is. Expectations of the Content: A scientific presentation with detailed images or PowerPoint slides requires a more powerful lens projector than a sales meeting where the presenter displays a non-critical video clip. If the picture quality is a little worse than you could wish for, a good projector can show it better. On the other hand, if the content is high definition, like a movie, you will have a high-resolution projector to do justice. Spacious, High Performance: If you are planning a speech or launch in a ballroom that generates excitement and wonder, remove the big boys. For example, a DLP (Digital Light Processing) 7000 or 10,000 lumens laser projector can provide the color, brightness and interchangeability of the lens you need to create different effects. These projectors can seamlessly mix images on multiple displays or on a screen, and you can use them anywhere in the room or even outside (at night). But just the projector doesn’t turn your event at a high level, you also other equipment with a projector like audio equipment. You can concern with the AV companies that provide the projector and Audio Equipment Hire services at the same time. For smaller meetings (a small group session in a small meeting room) you can choose something that is much less complex and cheaper. If you do not want to wake your viewers, a 4000 to 5000 lumen LCD projector with a pre-installed lens.
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