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by on May 13, 2019

It is easy to find a property with a remarkable and well-designed driveway; however, it is not easy to look for a property with a driveway that is well-thought when it comes to safety.

Did you know that there are half-a-million driveway incidents of backovers and backing accidents that are recorded each year by the National Safety Traffic Administration (NHTSA)? What is more alarming is that the rate of driveway accidents is increasing.

If you want to avoid encountering such a situation, it would be smart to invest safety traffic mirrors that will help enhance road visibility, especially, eliminating the blind spot caused by half-backed landscaping design. One of the popular and useful tools is the traffic and driveway convex mirrors.

What are driveway convex mirrors?

Driveway exit mirrors improve driveway safety, especially when there are obvious blind spots in the area.

Driveway convex mirrors are one of the best ways of improving safety and security at the workplace or at your home. It helps not only to deter theft but also it is a great way to reduce and eliminate the dangers of driveway blind spots and risky intersections.

How to choose the right convex mirror for your driveway?

1.    Know which size and shape of driveway mirror you need

The placement of the driveway mirror matters a lot when choosing the right size and shape of the mirror. It will define the viewing distance and the curvature of the driveway.

To calculate the correct size and shape of the mirror, you have to use “the rule of 1.5 inches”; where for every foot you are away from where you are planning to install the driveway convex mirror that is going to be 1.5 inches of mirror diameter. For example, you are planning to install the convex mirror 25 feet away from where you need to get a better view of incoming traffic you have to multiply it by 1.5 inches. So, that is a total of 37.5 inch-diameter of a mirror; however, you won’t find that size of convex driveway mirror. So, the best mirror to choose is a large convex mirror with 48 inches diameter.

There are lots of driveway and traffic mirrors to choose from at National Safety Mirror; all you need to do is visit the website today.

2.    Choosing the right material

Every convex mirror sold in the market today is made from different materials, which include acrylic and polycarbonate; however, the acrylic is more popular than the latter. Acrylic provides better and clear reflection and can withstand unavoidable impacts. The polycarbonate convex mirrors, on the other hand, are reliable too, but these are usually ideal for commercial areas, mostly indoors. Here it is a good site to choose a reliable acrylic convex mirror.

3.    Convenience in installation

When choosing the right convex mirror, you need to consider its installation option.

There are several different convex mirrors based on its installation options; so, if you are to choose one, you have to choose something that is easy to install and the convenience to install it. For more info, you can check more of these at National Safety Mirror.

If you need to get additional details on how to choose the right traffic mirror; you have to read reliable reviews and posts like this.

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