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by on May 14, 2019
In the past century, cycling has become a mode of commute to a full-fledged sports and growing business industry. More cyclists are emerging with each passing year, and this growing number is also being reflected by the number of sponsors that are adding up. The point is, cycling is already become one of the most swiftly growing sports across the globe, and people like Nicholas Clark deserve credit for spending their lives in the promotion of this sport.
Nicholas became a part of cycling early in his teenage. He never thought of being a professional cyclist, however, things turned out to be a little different for him. Today, Nicholas is a renowned figure in this industry. He owns three business ventures and has served his entire life playing and promoting this sport. Nicholas also holds multiple coaching certifications further thumping his authority and expertise in this industry.
Nicholas’ career began when he was approached to enroll in the Western Australia Institute of Sports. After achieving a bronze in the 93 UCI Worlds Mens Junior Road Race he was offered a rouleur place at Team Spenco based in Belgium. After time at Team Spenco Nicholas was offered a start up at Chazal Pro Cycling which later became Casino Petit, ‘Ag2r, Nicholas remained a rouleur for his entore professional career . This was the kind of breakthrough Nicholas was looking for. Casino Petit Ag2r is a French Pro Team where Nicholas spent a good few years. He worked on is cycling skills and had the opportunity of a lifetime competing in some of the great monuments and spring classics. He later joined the Pro Continental ranks in Europe at ASC-Vila do Conde and a few others. By this point, Nicholas had become a pro in multiple segments solidifying himself in the sport.
During his career as a cyclist, Nicholas Clark represented several significant teams. In addition to those mentioned above, he was also a part of Kio EneTonazzi-DMT, and Polygon Sweet Nice Team. This was about time for him on the field. Nicholas had spent enough time riding and now wanted to try out coaching as well. Being the enthusiast that he was, he tried to encourage youngsters to take part in this game, consequently promoting the sport. Nicholas also wanted to give a chance to the cyclists who have potential, but lack mentorship on how to grow into a pro. With his vision, Nicholas Clark set his company, NPC Training Systems where he coached and mentored rising stars in the cycling industry. Nicholas also started another venture, ProBike FC, where he sells biking equipment of unprecedented quality. In fact, he even offers a 100% money-back guarantee in case there is a flaw in the equipment he provides at his store.
To put it in a nutshell, Nicholas Clark has devoted his life to cycling. His untiring efforts and the feats he achieved during his career have made him a dominant figure in the development of this game.
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