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by on May 17, 2019
Becoming a professional football player is a hard achievement. A professional player has to give their effort to be the best in his team or even in the world. Actually, what is the secrets of those football players so they can be the best player in the world? This is important information for those who want to be a professional player. Wayne Rooney What makes Wayne Rooney as one of the best football players in the world is his attitude and focus as a football player. One of the secrets is his hard work. For example, Rooney had time for a holiday before a training camp for the FIFA World Cup 2014 in Brazil. Instead of taking his holiday, Rooney decided to go to his trainers in Manchester United. He chooses two of his personal trainers and took training for a week in Portugal. It was stated that Wayne Rooney took a physio with his two personal trainers. Cristiano Ronaldo Nowadays, most people, especially football lovers know who Cristiano Ronaldo is. He is considered as the best football player in the world. Because of that, Ronaldo becomes the role model for children and teenagers who want to be a professional football player. They are curious about what Cristiano Ronaldo did to become a professional and the best football player. One of his little secrets is that he plays football every day. Ronaldo did it since he was a child in his hometown, Madeira. He learns how to develop his football skill day by day. Then, he could achieve some of his dreams such as became the part of the biggest football club, Manchester United. Amazingly, Ronaldo also successfully became a part of Real Madrid and Juventus. All of those clubs are considered as the biggest club in the world. MAXBETSBOBET Owen Hargreaves Talking about one of the strongest football players, Owen Hargreaves is the answer. Just imagine that he was kicked out from one of the biggest clubs, Manchester United. Then, Hargreaves has to struggle with a long period of injury. It seems that there is no hope anymore for Owen Hargreaves. Instead of giving up, he decides to continue his career in football. To show his seriousness, Hargreaves posted his individual training with small groups in an online video platform. The happiest thing is that Manchester City knows about the videos and give him a contract. After learning a little bit from the best football players in the world, we also need to know the hard work that they do to become a professional player. There are some intensive pieces of training designed for a professional player based on his position. Defender Most defenders are taking specific training namely a ladder training. This training is done by laying a rope ladder on the floor. Then, the player shuffling their feet through it from one end to the other. It is a really hard training because they have to do it forwards, backward, and sideways. Backward is the hardest position. For your information, this training is done by the biggest club in the world Manchester United for their defenders. Midfielders Unlike defenders, players who play as a midfielder must have great stamina. Because of that, most of the midfielders have to follow fitness training. For example, a player has to run around 12.5km to 14km per game and it is the longest than the other players. It looks like a simple training but fitness training gives a high impact on the player. This type of training is applied by Chelsea. Forwarders A striker has an important role in a football team. They are the player who has to make a goal and without it, the team will never win the game. The interesting fact, strikers only touch around 20 times whereas a defender touches up to 150 times of the ball in the field. The most important point is how to make some of those 20 touches into a goal. Due to its difficulty, strikers often earn the highest salary in the club. So, how about their training? Is it harder than the other positions? Actually, strikers need to take team training instead of one-to-one training. This is because they have to receive a ball from his friends and then try to make a goal from it. Remember, a strike only has less than 20 times of opportunity to make a goal. Even, some of the strikers have to make a goal when the ball touch their feet in the first time. While taking a team training, a striker also needs to take a scoring goal training. The purpose of this training to increase the opportunity to create a goal when he touches the ball from the first time. The best example of strikers who successfully applied this training is the English strikers. Some of the strikers can create a goal even when the ball touches his feet in the first time in the field. From the explanation above, we can conclude that it needs hard work to be a professional football player. It needs even higher effort to become the best player in the world. Some players such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, and Wayne Rooney give their focus to improve their football skill and ability. As a result, they often play in their best performance in every match. The key is doing the right and the best training with the best trainers. The combination leads those players to be one of the best players not only in his team but also in the world.
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