Michelle Weaver
by on May 18, 2019

Fancy wigs are in trend these days. After all, everyone wants that instant fabulous and easy to get look to make heads turn. And, wigs are, for sure, a good way to instantly reflect your moods from your hairstyles. But do you know this beauty regime can badly affect your natural locks if not worn the right way? Yes, your hair underneath the hairpiece too demands the same love and affection that you give to your wigs. So it’s high time you take the right steps toward the health of your natural tresses.

We are here with these easy-to-follow pointers that will help you nourish your hair beneath your human hair wigs like a pro. Take a look and get started with them today:

1. Massage your scalp – Gently massage your scalp at regular intervals using the nourishing hair oils to give your scalp proper care. This will improve the blood circulation in your scalp area and will enhance the healthy growth of your hair beneath.

2. Routine hair washes – Wash your hairs at least weekly to avoid the dust and dirt to settle down and damage your scalp permanently. After applying shampoo to your hair, make sure to use some good conditioner as well. This will keep your hair well hydrated.

3. Do not sleep with your wig on – Sleeping with your wigs on damages not only your hair but also causes improper air circulation between your wig and real hair. This may lead to permanent loss of your hair due to sweating and suffocation. Further, the pins that you have used to keep your wigs intact might harm your scalp as well. So be very cautious when it comes to the health of your own hair.

4. Lightly spray water before wearing the wig – Make a good spray of some leave-in conditioner in water and spray it over your hair in minimal quantities before putting on your human hair wigs. This spray will make sure to lock the moisture into your scalp and thus do not let your hair become rough under the wigs. Make sure that you spray only a minimal quantity of this mixture onto your scalp as too much moisture is also not good for your hair underneath.

5. Keep your hair braided under the wig - Do not put the wigs on loose hair. They may interfere with the wig and become rough and fizzy. Better make a proper braid of your hair and tie them properly before putting on your wig. This will not spoil your hair and will also let the moisture to be retained into your scalp.

We hope the above points will help you in taking good care of your natural hair. All you need to do is practice them right and enjoy new wig styles every day without any worry. Just make sure you let your hair breathe properly beneath your Human Hair Wigs. For, your real beauty lies in your own hair.
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