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by on May 20, 2019
Loft Conversions - Adding More Space and Value to Your Home In today's times housing prices are constantly soaring and it isn't every homeowner that can afford to move house when the time arises. It's not only the house prices that affect this, but additionally the actual cost of moving, which can be very pricey lately. If you find that your family is outgrowing its home however you cannot afford to move there are still some great alternatives. A quite expensive option is to extend your current home to gain that additional space, but you might not be able to get planning permission, and also your property might not be suitable. You could do a garage conversion, if you have a garage and you aren't currently parking your car in it. The preferred option which should improve the value of your current home while not increasing the property footprint, is to convert your loft. Over the last few years, for the reasons given previously, loft conversion has gotten ever more popular in London. Prior to going along this path, you will have to check that your property is in fact well suited for a loft conversion. Numerous modern day properties with trussed roofs aren't generally suitable. Many houses put up before the 1970's have lots of head space and are apt to be the most suitable for loft conversions. To check out the situation with your specific loft and be sure it's suited to conversion you must bring in a London loft specialist. When your builder gives you the go-ahead to have a loft conversion you can get him to give you an estimate. Don't simply opt for the first quotation you get though, get a number of estimates before picking out your builder. When choosing the best company for the task you should utilize your instincts rather than just go with the lowest quote. Most loft conversions in London don't need planning permission, so there's a high likelihood that yours will not either. Your planning office is the place to see whether you do need to get planning permission. You shouldn't suppose that doing a loft conversion is going to be cheap, as it is a pretty expensive solution. It's extremely unlikely that a lot of householders will have that amount of cash handy, and so it may be necessary to take out a loan or a second mortgage. The layout and design of your actual property will have an impact on which kind of conversion you end up with. The different sorts of loft conversion include: dormer conversions, roof lift conversions, roof light conversions, loft pods, mansard conversions, velux loft conversions and hip-to-gable conversions. Your chosen builder will let you know what kind is best suited for your property. When your conversion is finished, there are numerous uses you are able to put it to. You may use it as an additional bedroom or two, a kid's playroom or a new bathroom. Have A Look At Our Outstanding Loft Conversion Website Here
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