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by on May 21, 2019

Do you have a tennis court for a few years now and have begun to show a little bit of its age? Looking for tennis courts repair? Well, this might bring up the question about when and how you should go about repairing or replacing your tennis court. But before you jump to any hasty decisions there are numerous things that you must consider that will let you know if you need to take any action at all and what measures you must actually take to get your court back in good shape and condition.

For a good quality playing surface, proper tennis court construction and its maintenance is very important. An unleveled or cracked court badly affects the game quality and also the player’s safety is compromised; both of which are not good for business. Therefore, a regular maintenance is must, as it helps enhance the lifespan of the court and minimizes your repair costs considerably.

Signs your Tennis Court Needs a Repair or Replacement

The very first sign that your tennis court needs a repair is the occurrence of cracks and the root damage that constantly grows daily. Cracks are caused by smaller or larger problems below the surface; therefore, they must be addresses right away.

Since courts experience play in almost every possible season, they tend to develop birdbaths or even low spots in the surface where water can collect. Moreover, the lines on the court also tend to fade over time which will typically fade at the same rate as other maintenance issues, so keeping an eye out for fading lines can be a good indicator. Other things like loose sand on the court typically exemplifies that it’s time to resurface.

Top Tips to Tennis Court Repair, Maintenance, and Paving

Proper tennis court maintenance is key to a good quality playing surface. With regular maintenance, you can increase the lifespan of your court and minimizes your repair costs considerably. Let us have a look at the top tips”

• Avoid using high pressure power washer as it can damage the surface

• Pay heed to the cracks as soon as you see them. Filling cracks is much easier than resurfacing an entire tennis court.

• Make sure that you keep the court clean because dirty courts wear out prematurely. Use a blower to get rid of dust, debris, remove stones, insects and leaves.

• Don’t let your price administer your choice of service. So make sure the company you hire for tennis court repair is up to the job and meets your requirements.

In the end, it all boils down to your budget, how often the courts are being used, and also the seriousness of the players that will be playing and enjoying in the court.

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