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by on May 22, 2019
Business failure is very much on the cards if you are not good at lead generation. It is because more leads you generate, more you can thrive in today’s hyper-competitive market. That’s could be the prime reason why securing a high rate of lead generation is the main goal of 66% of organizations. However, filling up the sales funnel with quality leads isn’t as easy as it was a few years ago. This is so because it is very hard to draw the attention of prospects towards products and services. Thus, most of the businesses avail services from lead generating companies to secure an incredible growth rate. Today, we are going to shed light on 3 tactics that can really help to load the sales funnel loaded with quality leads, so have a look:

1. Use powerful headlines to get results via content marketing

Content marketing has always been one of the most effective lead generation tactics, and that’s the main reason why most of the lead generating companies use it to keep the sales pipeline filled. Generally, businesses handling the lead generation process don’t get the desired results after developing quality content. Can you guess the prime reason behind this? Still guessing? Let it be, as the answer is unconvincing headlines. Well, it is true that potential customers first search about products on the internet, but it doesn’t mean that they open every link present on the search results. Usually, those write-ups grab the attention of prospects that have powerful headlines. Therefore, if you are an owner of a company and trying to get desired lead-related results, come up with enticing titles. Here, we would like to reveal the fact that 73% of buying decisions are made because of well-written headlines. Plus, there is a notable drop in the bounce rate, which again improves the chances of generating leads.

2. Be mindful while sending lead generating emails

Email marketing is one of the lead generation techniques, which is still doing wonders for marketers. The major reason behind this is most of the people nowadays have an email account for personal and professional work as well. So, email marketing seems like a perfect source to reach the targeted audience. However, companies sometimes make blunders while sending lead generating emails, which as a negative consequence, reduces the chances of generating the desired number of leads. Generally, email content quality gets compromised, thereby, lead generation rate drops significantly.

Here are some tips to send effective lead generating emails.

• First and foremost, create captivating subject lines. • Try to add top-notch quality in your email content. • Include business-related images, videos, etc. • Make sure the placement of CTA buttons is done to perfection. Have you tried everything, but still unable to fill up the sales funnel? Avail services from lead generating companies.

3. Never drop your guard during social media marketing

After content and email marketing, social media marketing is the tactic which is being used by most of the lead generating companies, because it helps to reach the targeted audience quite easily. You shouldn’t be having any doubt because social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc. have a large user base, which points to the high availability of the targeted audience. However, some enterprises struggle to reap benefits via social media marketing, and the reason behind this is again carelessness. Usually, organisations handling the lead generation process make mistakes while sharing posts on public platforms, thus, they face hassle while generating the desired number of leads. Here are some suggestions that will explain how social media marketing should be done, so have a look: • Make certain your caption is attention-grabbing. • Add relevant and trending hashtags (3 to 4 are enough.). • Try to shorten your link (if any) as this would help SM users to share it in their contact zone. • Ensure all your image and video posts are in high-quality. Want to generate quality leads in a jiffy? You can opt for a paid Ads option or bag services of recognized lead generating companies. Thanks for reading!
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