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by on May 23, 2019
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How important is online marketing ? There are many business operators who are not yet aware of the potential of doing. Online marketing Due to the behavior of trading and advertising in the past That often rely on advertising media in the form of books, radios, phones, billboards and many more. By doing online marketing , we have to use the internet as an important part of public relations. And when talking about the internet, it is the newest thing For advertising Compared to other public relations Causing many entrepreneurs Still do not understand that Online marketing How effective?

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In a highly competitive world And everything can be connected across the border in the blink of an eye Online marketing Therefore is a new alternative that helps in advertising and public relations due to online marketing Able to reach customers in a short time Able to reach specific customers Able to reach customers all over the world. Importantly, advertising costs compared to other advertising methods Online marketing is the cheapest. Compared to other marketing methods.

Online marketing Can help sellers save costs Both in terms of products, sales staff and service available 24 hours a day, with an internet network of over 600 million users worldwide, resulting in increased trading volume at all times. However, the seller must study the product, channel public relations As well as clear target groups In order to use this type of media with maximum efficiency.

Traditional marketing will consist of only 4 P marketing, product, price, place and promotion. But online marketing There will be 2 additional components, Personalization and Privacy, to increase marketing effectiveness. Even more customers And to tie the customer's heart in.

Marketing can help generate revenue and profits for corporate businesses. When business owners produce products to market and sell, it will generate revenue back. Making it possible to invest more in revenue and profit In addition, marketing also creates new business entities in different ways, such as retail shops, brokers, middlemen, to bargain for products, transportation, insurance and many more, resulting in a choice for professionals to choose.


The importance to the economy and society is to make the country grow more economically. Because the market causes business to produce, invest, generate employment which affects income Resulting in income distribution and increased income for individuals Without problems of employment Makes people more wealth Resulting in increasing the purchasing power of Also helps raise the standard of living cost of society to be higher Make people better living Returning to make the economy and society better.

The importance of the market has a lot, can improve the well-being of all of us. There are various technological innovations that are more modern. With facilities Make our country more progressive.

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