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by on May 23, 2019

Product packaging as a concept has been an effective and memorable marketing strategy for over a century. For more than 150 years, companies across multiple industries have used creative packaging of their products to help make them recognizable and attractive to consumers, as well as provide a competitive edge. From the classic shape of a Coca-Cola bottle to the famously beautiful packaging that contains Apple products, using product packaging as a means to cement a brand identity in the collective conscious is not a new concept. However, thanks to advances in technology, we are now able to integrate product packaging strategies into marketing more seamlessly and effectively than ever before. Here are three of the most popular ways to use a strong product packaging strategy in your marketing campaign.

Keep it Green

As we continue to become more conscious of our collective carbon footprint, we are more interested in purchasing products with eco-friendly packaging. By choosing to package your product using biodegradable or reusable materials, you are letting your consumer base know that your company is deeply committed to preserving our environment. You can put your target audience's mind at ease by using responsibly-sourced materials, such as plant-derived plastics, recycled cardboard, or natural fibers, in your product packaging, so that your consumer base feels good about supporting a company that cares about our planet.

Insta-Worthy Inspiration

We live in a society that loves to share photos of everyday life, and no platform makes it easier than Instagram! Your consumers are constantly on the lookout for "Insta-worthy" photos that will generate buzz on social media. Consider a packaging strategy that absolutely pops in a picture, whether your packaging is luxe, rustic, or just downright quirky. By packaging your product in a highly attractive way that looks amazing on Instagram, filter or no filter, you're on your way to having it picked up by a brand influencer. This kind of exposure could skyrocket your business overnight!

Make it Limited

One sure way to generate excitement is to release limited edition products complete with special packaging. Perhaps you want to market goods that are only seasonally available, such as special coffee blends or candle scents, using holiday-themed packaging. Or maybe you have created anniversary-edition packaging to commemorate the number of years your company has been in business. No matter the occasion, a packaging strategy based on a timely or seasonal offering creates a sense of urgency that drives consumers to buy the items you are selling before they run out.

By sticking to your core brand values and knowing your audience, you can effectively market yourself using distinctive packaging that sets you apart from the crowd!

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