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by on May 27, 2019

The expertise of a Chartered Accountant (CA) lies in his/her ability to comprehend the critical aspects of finance and take informed monetary decisions. Hence, when it comes to deciding whether it is a feasible option for a CA to avail personal loan, it is expected that they will understand the significance of securing funds from an external source when in time of need. The same way, as they don the hat of an entrepreneur, it is often assumed that their decisions will take off well.

A chartered accountant may also have some personal objectives and urgent requirements to attend to. Personal finance Bajaj Finserv is an option that comes handy in such a situation.

It is not wise to go by assumptions only. One must judge all the aspects comprehensively before they consider an option as important as taking a loan.

A customised Personal Loan for Chartered Accountants from financial institutions offer loan amounts as high as Rs. 30 Lakh. It is an unsecured loan that belongs to the suite of loans for chartered accountants, all customised to meet your requirements as a CA.

Let’s take a look at 6 smart reasons for a CA to avail a personal loan.

1- Finance wedding expenditures

Everyone secretly nurtures a dream to have an exotic wedding. A personal loan will be an excellent means to have that dream-come-true wedding. The entire wedding expenditure from buying jewellery, designer outfits, a trousseau to executing wedding ceremonies, everything can be taken care of by availing the loan. If someone dreams of having a destination wedding, then a personal loan for chartered accountants can make it a reality as well.

2- Finance education

There is no end to education, and one can always develop an urge to indulge in a new stream of knowledge. A personal loan can be an appropriate means to fulfil the impulse. In case you are a parent or a student, then the finance can be availed for the education of your children. The best part of a personal loan for chartered accountants is that it won’t just cover the tuition fees as an educational loan does but will be an end-to-end solution to cover the entire educational expenditure.

3- Finance emergency medical situations

Medical emergencies do not come declared. As a CA, sudden medical situations may force to delve into your savings or worse. In such scenarios, you should opt for financial assistance instead which are customised for you.

An instant personal loan for CAs can help you take care of the entire medical expenditure without making any compromise with healthcare. Quick approval and disbursal of such loans make it a great choice to cope with such emergencies. Know the quick ways to get your CA loan approved easily and meet the immediate financial constraints easily.

4- Consolidate existing debt

Outstanding debt can easily accumulate over time. They can lead an individual towards stringent financial constraints and bankruptcy.

It is wise to consolidate all the existing debts into one loan that will be manageable and viable across a single EMI. Doing so can help you repay your total debt easily and reduce your overall financial burden considerably courtesy lower CA loan interest rates.

5- Finance other important purposes

There are no guidelines as such about how you can use a personal loan for CAs. These loans come with zero end-use restrictions. You can utilise the funds as and how you want to, from planning a vacation at an exotic destination, revamping your house, to meet your business requirements, etc. A personal loan for chartered accountants will help you utilise a substantial amount of money to fulfil any obligation on top priority.

Favourable tenors, affordable CA loan interest rates and high loan amounts make personal loans for CAs a suitable financial solution for your short-term requirements. Minimum documentation and a hassle-free process to avail them make these unsecured loans a first-choice for chartered accountants like you. Make sure you tick all the boxes in the checklist for a CA loan to avail the funds faster.

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