by on May 27, 2019

Loading data or essential company or business files from original drive to multiple USB flash drive is not easy, especially when you are transferring data individually.

Fortunately, the bulk flash drives as a data sharing solution are one of the best options today; although cloud file sharing’s popularity is increasing these past few years, transferring data to USB flash drive still tops the game.

So, why choose bulk flash drives? Here are the top reasons why:

Reason #1: A secure way of transferring data

Data loss and security breaches are any company’s problem when transferring data from the mother drive to multiple copies; this issue often arises when an individual tries to copy files from the original drive to multiple USB flash drives, individually. Without going over each of the flash drive’s security due to time constraint, chances are, one out of five flash drives may contain a bug that can corrupt the mother drive leading to data loss or copying of essential data. Conspiracies like these happen a lot in most growing companies or small government agencies.

So, if you want to keep your company data secured, while you need to transfer it to multiple USB flash drives, you have to consider transferring files to a bulk of flash drive; this means, you have to look for a reliable company who can do this tricky work for you – transferring data from mother drive (original drive) to a multiple USB flash drive, all at once and fast. At CFGear – a reliable company that focuses on designing and manufacturing custom flash drives and other essential data services – you can trust them with your data and have it transferred to multiple flash drives. Also, the company is known for its other data services like adding encryption and non-erasable or non-rewriteable content to the flash drives to provide better USB flash drive security.

Reason #2: Convenient

Unlike cloud file sharing, transferring data from the mother drive to multiple flash drives, as copies, using a bulk of flash drive is far more convenient and cheaper. Cloud file sharing may need software maintenance that can be too expensive for a starting company; however, flash drives as a file data sharing solution does not need too much or regular software maintenance. Plus, you do not need to provide extensive instructions to the employees on how to open a file through USB flash drive, unlike cloud file – there are a lot of things to learn about how cloud file works.

Reason #3: Efficient customization option

Did you know that you can purchase a bulk of USB flash drive and have it customized with the company logo or slogan? Customized USB flash drives are now gaining popularity, especially when it comes to company or brand promotion. Plus, you may ask to install security options to keep your data from being copied, rewritten, or deleted; all you need to do is contact a reliable company who can easily work it out for you – just like CFGear. Go here to learn more details

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