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Do you own a business that hosts more than ten employees? Have you joined the ESIC scheme? This is a body that is statutorily administered and was established under the Employee State Insurance Act of 1948. The body is composed of representatives on behalf of employers, central government, employees, medical professionals, and parliament members. However, there're some governments such as the Indian that extends the provisions of the scheme to other class of establishments such as hotels and restaurants, cinemas and theatre as well as commercial and shop establishments. But, who represents these establishments to the national board? They're called the ESI consultants.

ESI consultants are professionals who are highly skilled in matters relating to employee state insurance. They help in implementing the 1948 Act that was enacted to provide certain benefits to employees such as cash benefits, medical reliefs, pension to a deceased worker, compensation for injuries and maternity benefits in cases of maternity, sickness, and employment injuries.

ESI consultants are one of the major parts of an organization and provide a wide range of services right from ESI registration, consultation, filling returns to audit among others. Let's have a look at some of the benefits of ESI consultants.

(1). They provide daily consultancy matters pertaining to ESI

(2). The deal with ESI registration code number

(3). Explaining to clients the objective of the ESI scheme

(4). Submitting the details of the eligible employees on the ESI website and helping in registering them for various benefits

(5). If you 're running big cooperation that has branches, they help in getting the sub-code for those offices.

(6). They arrange and help in issuing of smart cards to eligible candidates who are covered under the ESI

(7.) Guiding employees & employers on the proper benefits under the scheme.

(8.) Designing a compensation structure, deducting the ESI contributions and getting challans and deposits on time in State bank.

(9). Submitting semi-annual and annual ESI returns

(10). Preparing and filing returns as per the requirements of the Act.

(11). They prepare and maintain accidents and inspection books, and forms 32 and 37.

(12). Coordinating with the ESI authorities

(13). They represent the client to the authorities and coordinates accident and legal matters.

Additionally, they sometimes serve as PF consultants; also help in giving show cause notices; offer support to the customer to get the permanent identity card; they also educate employees on the benefits through conducting seminars; ensuring timely compliance and furnishing particulars of changes in ownership.

Due to the rising number of consultants in the market, you should be very cautious on the firm you tend to hire. This is because the job involves exposure to sensitive and confidential information. Some of the factors you should consider include

(1). References

These are things to do with;

- Current clients

- Your peers

- Associations

- Past clients

(2). Knowledge Consider the following;

- Experience and education


-Trade associations

(3). Organization

Look into;

- Firm size

- Mission statement

- Code of ethics

- Location

- Website

- Availability and personality

(4). Processes

- Contracts and scope of work

- Deadlines

- Request for proposals

- Work in progress
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