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by on May 29, 2019
Are you a homeowner or a real estate investor in Mumbai who is looking forward to selling the properties? It's without a doubt that you're hoping to sell it fast and at the highest possible price. However, most people have been discouraged by the sluggish real estate market that has been prevailing over the past few years. Due to the high inventory in the market, the prices have been falling making it hard to sell the property. Despite that state of the market, people are still putting properties for sale in Mumbai. But what do you to outwit your competitors and conclude a deal that's a win-win to both parties? Here are some tips to aid you in selling a real estate property in Mumbai.

(1). Correct Pricing

Did you know that the first thing that buyers look is the price? Price is considered to be the main attraction of any real estate in Mumbai and putting the right price tag attracts more buyers. It may cost you very dearly when you wrongly price your property, whether it's underpricing or overpricing, experts say that you won't be optimizing returns on your efforts. How? While underpricing will lower your returns, an overprice will scare the buyers away especially if the market sentiment is not upbeat. If you're looking for a quick sale, consider offering small discounts by the asking price lower than what other sellers are quoting.

(2). Choosing the right broker

Be cautious when it comes to selecting the broker you're to work with Ensure that you talk to previous clients, observe the kind of houses they've sold, and look into their websites for the services they offer. Compare several brokers before you settle for one

(3). Ensure that the curb appeals.

How does the exterior of your property look like? Is it faded? Try to repaint it to attract customers. If the outside is appealing, the buyer would be eager to know how the interior is like.

(4). Make sure that the property is clean.

No one would want to buy a house that's dirty because that would cost them a lot of time to clean. Let it be a direct-move-in house, in that, it's sparkling clean with no dust or debris.

(5). Advertising effectively

This is the key to selling a property and involves first, registering it online. Consider listing that property on prominent portals and upload clear pictures in order to maximize the coverage of buyers. You can also spread the word to friends and relatives. The good thing with online listing is that the advertising is on, 24/7.

(6). Do repairs

To attract more buyers, consider doing some minor repairs such replacing cracked tiles, fixing slammed drawers and ensuring that the light switches are working properly and that there are no leakages. You can also add fresh paint to hide the blemishes.

(7). Be flexible and have the paperwork ready.

There're some buyers who are looking for a place to move in immediately and therefore, you should be ready to vacate any time required. Ensure that all the selling and handing over related paperwork is kept handy for faster deal closing.
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