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As a seduction coach, I am often contacted by saying, "I'm 30, I'm a virgin" or "I'm a virgin at 25". That's why I decided to do this article on the virgin. So, what is late virginity? How to find a girl to deflower? How to prepare this first time? Must we say that we are a virgin? Is late blooming a "danger" to health?

What is being a virgin?

We all come to the virgin world. Then we grow up, and nature does its work or not. What I mean is that being a virgin at 30 is just a state.

If you are concerned, do not define yourself as a virgin. You are a man first and foremost. You've never had a sexual experience, but it's only part of your life. Above all, do not lose faith in yourself in all areas because of this pure state of affairs!

When one is a virgin, it is possible to think a lot about sex. That losing one's virginity becomes an obsession, or that one is ashamed to be a virgin. Only, tell yourself that, in men, no physical sign can determine that you have already made love or not. People cannot know it, except if you tell them!

When one is a heterosexual man, the basis for not being a virgin is to experience penetration. It does not necessarily mean that we have "made love" (because we may not be in love), but at least we have "fucked" (and it is already a good start).

Oral intercourse is enjoyable, but in my opinion, it is only an incomplete act. An excellent introduction to pleasure, but not a deflowering in good and due form. This is just my opinion of a straight man, and a lesbian couple might have another opinion on the matter.

This means that there is no universal truth: one is no longer a virgin when one has had a sexual experience and, above all, when one does not feel more virgin in one's head.

Pucelage and self-esteem

Virginity, especially late, is a taboo subject. There is no exact definition of late virginity but say that the average of the first time being at 17, we are a late virgin if we did nothing around 20-23 years.

If this is your case, do not dramatize. You can be new to sex but shine in other areas of life. Indeed, a person does not define himself by his sex life, and being a virgin does not mean that you know nothing about existence. Do not devalue yourself!

I would go even further and say that all virgins are not social cases or desperate cases. The male/female relationship has become quite complicated, so if no one has explained to you how it works, you can quite have difficulties even if you are smart and not ugly. Most men are in the form of sexual misery.

Extremist feminism today is surely not for nothing. Education plays a decisive role, and if you did not have a paternal model (a single mother), if your father was a little "submissive" (excuse me of the term) to your mother or if your mother instilled you with MUCH TOO idealize women, you can have seduction problems in adulthood.

What I want you to remember here is that if you do not see yourself as a loser, there is already less chance that other people will see you as a loser.

How to play down or assume to be a virgin?

First, by meeting people in the same situation as you and realizing that it can be "normal." There are a lot of forums on the web that are dedicated to late virginity (on, for example), you will probably find ears attentive.

How not to be a late virgin?

I am forced to see that many virgins get dressed in the wrong way. In a way that communicates "I'm hiding, I do not want to be noticed" or "I'm nerdy." If this is your case, correct this bad habit and find a good look suited to your personality.

Then change your vision of women. Do not wait, for example, for a woman to come and flirt with you as in Hollywood comedies. If you wait for a woman to take the first step in France, you may wait a long time, so if you remain in addition that it also makes the second and third step, it will be very complicated.

One of the wrongs that late birds usually have is that they want to justify their virginity by the fact that they are very demanding. The best advice I can give you here is to introduce you to the world of the seduction community. The Pick-Up Artists, of which I am a part, have often suffered in their youth with girls — accumulated a lot of frustration. But we did it, and better than the guys who never learned drag, finally.

It's all about work, so I can not advise you to start learning as early as you can with healthy readings like The Basics of Seduction and Truth about Gender. Take back your life in hand, gentlemen!

To be deflowered by a prostitute?

A bonus solution to get rid of the burden of being a virgin? See a prostitute. It's a bit of cash, but I'm not kidding. I do not tell you to see the fat Gertrude at the end of the street but to pay you an attractive escort girl on the Internet.

I advise you to take casually. It will cost you something like 200€, but at least you will not have a bad surprise (no sloppy report, no STD, etc.)

The ancients often introduced their boys with experienced girls of joy at the time. So I do not see the problem if the girl does it of her own choice. And, on your side, if you know what you feel when you make love, feel the humidity and heat of a woman are well worth a few euros. Afterward, it's a question of choice and opinion (and I remind you that "the purchase of a sexual act" is punishable by law).

Some people want to wait for "good," even if they wait for a long time. Others would like to find an ass plan just like that. I'm not here to judge; it's up to you.

Pros and cons, by a coach in seduction

Assuming to say that you are a virgin can free you and take a lot of pressure off. The girl will become your accomplice, and you will be more serene without the anxiety of the performance. But, frankly, late virginity can scare a lot of girls away. They will say that there is a hidden defect. The girls are not all angels with a nurse's soul.

I advise you to tell him AFTER. And only after, if you ever feel the need. The worst is those who say "by the way, I'm a virgin" at the time of penetration. There is no worse like kills-love. It's only in movies that girls find it cool and romantic.

In real life, girls are afraid that you are clinging too fast, representing something too important to you, that you are a bad thing, etc. In short, it's too much pressure for them!

Let's be clear, as long as virginity is not late; you can tell a girl. But after 20 years, let's say I do not recommend it anymore. Without lying, evade the question or make an evasive answer. Take it easy!

A woman's opinion on the question:

I interviewed Alice Bergelac from Le Coin Séduction on the subject: "I have girlfriends who hate virgins because they rarely find their account and others who love it. It is necessary to know to whom you speak and to determine if the woman has the soul of an educator or not, by which I mean that some women will be excited or flattered by having a boy do it for the first time (either because they have a lot of confidence in themselves or because they take pleasure in teaching.) To find out who you are dealing with, talk about something banal and say 'ah, I do not know how to do it, will you teach me?' and gauge his reaction."

How to prepare his first time?

first sex prepare

You can learn about sex (other than porn) to limit the damage or even make sure your first time goes well. I coached guys who came back proudly and said, "I'm so sure the girl did not see anything."

I advise you to read the guide of the right shot for this purpose. In order not to be too stupid and to know how to locate the clitoris and point G. I am serious; it should not be that your first time goes wrong; otherwise, you risk to have a bitter taste in the mouth or to be traumatized.

My main tips for success for the first time is:

  • find out about the female anatomy and think about the girl's pleasure;
  • have good will, do not be selfish in bed and make long and good preliminaries;
  • avoid stressing yourself too much, so you do not come too fast or lose it;
  • train yourself at home to put on a hood, so you will not go for an idiot on D-Day.

Courage, soon, you'll know what sex is!

The dangers of late virginity

I have been asked (and many times!) If virginity was dangerous to health. The only danger of late virginity is letting her life pass without much benefit. To lose beautiful years. But you probably will not have physical or psychological effects.

Nevertheless, take this problem seriously because having a sex life is very important for a person's balance, as shown by Maslow's Pyramid. That said, sex is also vital for the body because if you do nothing for years, you risk prostate cancer. But it's rare, rest assured, friends!

I think it would be stupid to die a virgin, but if you live your virginity, I have nothing to say. This is only indicative! Do not hesitate to testify in the comments; it will surely help other readers.

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