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by on June 11, 2019

A kitchen countertop material should never be compromised in terms of quality and durability. This is something which has to go a long way and thus a cheap quality material can be a big blunder. Kitchen countertop design should be really unique and standardized. Quartz stone is considered as the rising star in the stone market. This very popular stone is one of the most favorite countertops material all around the world due to its uniqueness and uncountable benefits. Quartz provides incredible benefits if used and here are the few benefits mentioned below -

Highly durable -

Quartz is considered as the hardest and most abundant mineral available. It is almost bulletproof and not going to get damaged by weight and rough usage of as many pots you place on it. It is not going to break for 100 years at least and if your kitchen is one of the busiest one quartz is the best material to be used.

Stain resistant -

As compared to other countertop materials quartz is nonporous and thus it does not get stained with pigmented kitchen ingredients. If accidentally something gets spilled you just have to wipe it off and your countertop is as good as new.

Scratch resistant -

Due to its durable nature, it does not get scratched easily, especially if you have a hard approach while working in the kitchen or your kids do experiments on your countertop, you really do not need to worry about scratches anymore.

Easy to maintain -

The only cleaning required by quartz is to wipe it off with a soft cloth. It required minimal efforts and remains beautiful and intact quite easily for a long period.

Really hygienic -

According to research, kitchen countertops are even dirtier than toilet seats. This is because of continues cutting, spilling of food items on countertops makes it prone to microbes but quartz contains a micro-ban in it which makes it seal proof against germs.

Homogeneous color -

Unlike other stones quartz is completely homogeneous in nature and its colors and pigments are the same from inside as they appear at outside.

Customized -

Since quartz is customized by manufacturers, thus you will receive what you ordered for. You can get any color and pigments for designing your kitchen.

Affordable -

As compared to other stones quartz is inexpensive and really affordable.

Attractive -

Since it is customized you can design your home any way you want. It can be created in beautiful colors which are really attractive and add shine to your kitchen area and even outdoors.

No matter what material you require, at Universal Stone we have a vast variety of various kitchen countertop materials in unique colors, designs and all of our materials are of really high quality in terms of durability. We even provide remnants for small budget projects. Visit us at quartz countertops Charlotte, NC to make your kitchen shine in beauty and grace.

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