Billy Ortiz
by on June 11, 2019
For a game or related games to be relevant, they must develop the senses. Because it is thanks to them that a baby learns to discover his environment: objects attract him because of their colors, brilliance, movement, sounds and textures. Second criterion, the game or game support must allow making appear and disappear the object. This is the famous game of "cuckoo-hidden" at the toddler found for example in nesting boxes, balls that disappear and reappear, books where we can hide the characters. This type of games help the child to acquire the notion of permanence of the object, an essential step in the awakening of the toddler. And also helps him to better manage the separation of the morning and all the micro-separations of the day. Games with Toys A game is also fun engine from the moment the child, whatever his age is active in the game - it is the criterion “action-reaction ". A top, a toboggan with small cars, a rain stick, and a toy to shoot: every time the child activates the babyp flegegünstig kaufen, there is reaction. For the young child, it is he who is at the origin of this transformation. The game then nourishes the child's self-esteem. The same goes for building and assembly games. • Finally, when the child can repeat his action and causation exists, the fourth criterion for choosing a toy is validated. Because children need to appropriate the objects they explore and master the game. The repetition is reassuring, constructive, gives landmarks and gives pleasure. • Here is a simple principle: the more the professional can put action verbs on a toy or a game rack, the more his fun engine function is confirmed. For example, the cardboard packaging offers a multitude of actions such as hiding, going in, going out, creating, inventing, decorating, painting, drawing, breaking. The awakening of babies is essential, and it is often through play that a child learns and develops both in terms of language and motor skills ... Hence the importance of choosing babytragegünstig online kaufen adapted to his needs and who respect, for security reasons, the age range for which the product is intended. Here are some tips to choose before offering a toy to your child. Safety first The toys respect specific safety standards. Before buying a toy for your toddler, first check that it has the "CE" mark, to make sure it meets European requirements. But it is essential to check the age from which a child can play so as not to risk finding detachable parts, dangerous for your baby. Indeed, some toys for example contain the words "not suitable for children under 36 months" or "suitable for children from 2 years" ... Moreover, it is not enough to buy a toy adapted to his age , parental supervision is also appropriate, especially if your baby is having fun with the toys of his elders, which are not intended for him.
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