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by on June 13, 2019
Your site hosts regular, engaging in RuneScape gold game events. You have a strong presence on social media sites which you use to RuneScape gold enhance your visitors experience. You place a real emphasis on community engagement, support and experience – ensuring your fan site delivers memorable in game or on site moments.You’re renowned Gielinor over for being the place to go for RuneScape info, entertainment & fun… and we love it. We’ll do our best to give you everything you need and more to make sure you continue to ‘wow’ your visitors, with regular promotional support, including being mentioned on our social media sites & newsposts, exclusive Jagex interviews, event attendance, prizes and more, with priority access to our fansite support e-mail box for direct Jagex contact. I can vouch for him and say his discord is well worth it. Fansite SupportRuneScape fansites are websites which are created by RuneScape enthusiasts in order to celebrate the game. They help support the game by engaging users and helping Jagex bring the RuneScape community together with events and discussions. They often provide guides and resources for all manner of RuneScape related topics.These fansites help Jagex engage with our community. In order to help support this, we offer varied levels of support, depending on how much the site puts in. Simply put, the more fansites do for us, the more we'll do for them.Our fansite support programme is divided into two tiers - Official Jagex Approved Fansites, and Recognised Fansites. As a fansite expands its library of resources and it's community it will move through these tiers, as a fansite progresses we will provide more support to help these communities get the most out of the game and OSRS gold Community Management rs gold Recognised Fansites.The owners of a Recognised Fansite focus solely on RuneScape and have a genuinecommitment towards growing their website, both in terms of the resources they offer and their communities. The owners recognize the importance of security and data management, with systems, processes and privacy policies in place.
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