Jack Tucker
by on June 21, 2019
3D printers are becoming more and more popular with time. If you want to get a small 3D printer for your home or office, then this article will help you to choose from the best 3D printers across the globe. 3D printing technology was discovered in 1984. Today the 3D printers are working at their peak performance. A 3D printer is capable of printing 3 dimensional print. The prints are getting very precise and accurate enough to make a working gun. Today, we are going to discuss the top 5 3D printers of 2019. So, let’s get started. 1. Monoprice Voxel If you are a beginner in 3D printing, then go for it. The objects it prints are well detailed and precise. The resolution of its layers is 50 to 400 microns. The materials used for printing is ABS, PLA, Wood Fill, Copper Fill, Steel Fill, and Bronze Fill. It has a build volume of 6.9×6.9×6.9 inches. Its performs pretty fast when compared to other printers of its segment. The base of this printer is designed to take extraordinary high temperatures and molten metal. 2. Ultimaker 3 This is an FDM type 3D printer which is specially designed for professionals and 3D-printing enthusiasts. The quality of the 3D- print is ultimate that is the reason behind its name. It also has a draft mode, which is suitable for practicing. The draft mode will also give you an idea of how an actual print will look like after final print. 3. Lulzbot Mini 2 Lulzbot Mini 2 is the next version of lulzbot Mini. This is the perfect 3D printer which is flexible as much to use different materials. It has a larger printing area and can print designs more complexly. The Lulzbot Mini 2 is faster than its old model and can print more accurately. Now make new models, parts, work on your dream projects with enhanced speed, and save your time. 4. Formlabs Form 2 This is an SLA type printer having the resolution of 25 microns. It is limited when we talk about the supported materials, as it supports only resin. It has a build volume of 5.7×5.7×6.9 inches, which is a bit smaller than other printers in this list. The printer weights around 28.5 pounds. 5. MakerBot Replicator+ It is also a next-gen and improved version of the famous MakerBot Replicator 3D printer. It is a desktop 3D printer which is rather expensive for individuals and small businesses. It offers high-quality prints, and the material it uses is 1.75mm PLA(polylactic acid) filament. It can be used at home as well if you have a high budget. It uses “Fused Deposition Modeling” print technology. The minimum and maximum layer resolutions are 100 to 400 microns. It can print rapidly and is very simple and easy to use. Jack Tucker is a security expert and he writes about Cybersecurity, cryptography, malware, social engineering, internet and is working at norton setup. Source :
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