Nitish Raj
by on June 28, 2019
With increasing rate of hospitalization expenses and frequency of falling sick, health insurance is becoming one of the most competent ways of dealing with medical expenses. To tap into the growing demand for health insurance many health insurance companies have come into existence. SBI General Insurance is one of the best providers of health insurance in India. You should look to avail SBI health insurance for you and your family to stay worry-free. SBI mediclaim policy covers all types of medical expenses. The claim settlement rate of this insurer is also very impressive, so if you make any valid claim on your SBI family health insurance policy, your claim is most likely to get approved. Let’s take a look at the key features of the health insurance plans available with SBI General Insurance. Key features of health insurance plans at SBI General Insurance SBI health insurance plans cover pre-existing diseases just after 1 year of waiting period. It doesn’t require medical test for policyholders below 65 years of age for any mediclaim policy. You can buy SBI health insurance policy for yourself on individual basis and you can also avail SBI family health insurance policy on floater basis. The premium you pay on your health insurance plan offered by SBI General Insurance is eligible for tax deduction Apart from taking care of hospitalization expenses, the plans also cover the cost of treatment and care before and after hospitalization as well for 30 days and 60 days respectively. SBI General Insurance offers cashless treatment opportunity in more than 3000 hospitals all over India. The company has come up with wide range of Sum Insured to choose from. You can select between Rs. 1 Lakh to Rs 5 Lakh in the multiple of Rs. 1 Lakh. How to renew SBI General health insurance plans? SBI health insurance policy renewal process is easy and effortless. First of all you have to visit the portal of the company. Then, you have to find out the right place for policy renewal on the portal of SBI General Insurance. Once, you find that section, you have to divulge some details like your existing SBI mediclaim policy number and your date of birth. Then you have to make the payment for the premium. Once you make the payment, you should save and print the receipt of your health insurance premium at SBI General Insurance. Once your new health insurance plan is issued and sent by the insurer, you are done with the SBI health insurance policy renewal.
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