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by on July 2, 2019

Now that you’ve decided to get married and might even have fixed a date for your awesome wedding, it is time to get started with the planning process. You’ll need to start looking for the trends that you can easily include in your wedding. Sporting a recent trend will surely invite a lot of praises from the guests.

Low on the budget? You can also ask the wedding planners in Pune to help you include the below-mentioned trends at the lowest possible price so that it won’t burn a hole in your pocket.

The Rusty Colors

Who would’ve ever imagined that the rusty colors will make a great wedding trend one day? But, this year the rust-hued palette is trending real hard. The rusty colors are somewhere between the shades of burgundy and orange. Rustic hues will make up for a desert styled retro vibes and you can open the doors for including these colors in your wedding in various ways like the decor, florals or even the wedding attires. A groom sporting a rust-colored suit for his wedding is now the first choice available on each counter. Bridal lehenga in the darker shades of rust that are close to dark brown or burgundy shades will also look really awesome. .

Flowery Florals

There are many wedding trends that come and go, but according to some great designers, this one is here to stay, and that too for a really long time. With a range of really great fashion attires for both, the groom and the bride, available in the market we’re quite certain that you’ll definitely find a piece that makes you tick. Florals can easily be included in the decor as a cascade of flowers and meadows is sure to add romantic elegance to the setting. From some vibrant centerpieces to Hawaiian floral curtains, flowers can be used to decorate the venue in many different ways. .

Velvet Fabric

You might think that velvet is the thing of the past and that it would be impossible for you to add this fabric to your wedding. But actually, there are many ways in which you can go ahead and include this fabric as an accessory or in the wedding decor. We’re quite sure that velvet will go really well with the winter weddings. A bride can sport velvet shoes or can even wrap herself in a pashmina cover-up, whereas, for a groom, including velvet necktie or even the velvet blazer will be the excellent options. Velvet can also be included in the decor as the sofa and chair covers or even the table linens in different colored velvets will look great. .

Balloon Walls

Have you ever considered to include balloons in the wedding decor? Were you too in the dark, that the balloons are only for the birthday celebrations? Then you’re missing out on really awesome looking ideas to decorate your wedding. As the latest trend goes, balloon walls are really popular. You can make a uni-colored or multi-colored wall fully decorated with the balloons. This is really the most inexpensive and awesome way to show-off one of the best trends in the market. .

Custom Illustrations

Custom illustrations like the invites with personalized wedding invitation wording is another great trend that is on the rise in India. You can make some customized decor like the origami and hang it through the roof of the wedding venue as well. Such creative ideas will make your wedding more personalized and will even help to reflect your style. .

These are some trends that are on the rise this year and will surely look awesome when included in your wedding. So just go ahead, plan everything out, and have a beautiful life ahead with your partner. .

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