Keshav Sanam
by on July 3, 2019
Colour is an international visual language, which words can be understood by everyone. So, the interior designers of Nifty interio try to communicate something by introducing different colours in interior designing. As the best interior designers in Hyderabad, we understand how colours behave, how they can change their characteristics and how they can enhance our mood. Having all this knowledge, our interior designers are becoming the top interior designer in Hyderabad. To design space should feel like inviting, warm and friendly. The interior designers in Hyderabad can achieve all that with colours. Certain colours like brown, orange and red are well known for generating a warm and pleasant feel in a room. But selecting colour is the first step towards the interior decoration. There are some basics when using a colour wheel. 1. Complementary colours: blue, orange & yellow, violet, these colours are directly opposite to each other on the colour wheel. The best interior designers in Hyderabad basically use these accent colours in small quantities. 2. Triads: yellow, blue and red; or orange, green and violet are considered as triads form a triangle on the colour wheel. These colours can also be utilized as accent colours but they must be balanced. The top interior designers in Hyderabad have that knowledge of how much we can use these colours so that they can’t overwhelm a room. 3. Analogous colours: red, orange and red/orange, these groups of colours are present right beside each other on the colour wheel. 4. Monochromatic colours: using only one colour to keep it simple but in shades like navy blue to powder blue. 5. Cool and warm colours: to enhance the mood, cool and warm colours are used. Blue, green and purple are cool colours and red, orange, yellow and pink are warm colours. 6. Non-colours: on the colour wheel, non-colours are not found but these play a very critical role in interior design. Greys, beiges, browns, whites, and blacks colours belong to non-colours. But proper utilization is also needed, what interior designers in Hyderabad perfectly know. Colours affect people in very different ways according to age, gender, background, and climate. It is good to begin by answering some fundamental questions to the interior designers about the room when decorating. 1. What feeling do you want the colour to enhance? Like in the kitchen you want to increase appetite and energy, in the living room you want calmness, in the bedroom, you want to include a sunroom, flower decoration. 2. What will the specific rooms use for? Like it is private or public space? How much space do you want to use? 3. How much light and what type of light will be used in the room? Is there natural lighting available or the top interior designers in hyderabad have to introduce lighting sources in the room. It is always good to test the paint in both natural and artificial light prior to finalizing a particular colour. 4. What types of accents will be used in the room? Do you want any bold accents in the pattern, texture or space? Or you want to keep it simple which can add your personality. Contact Us: Email : Gmail: Contact : 9553278124, 9959324192 Website:
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