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The word Bollywood describes the film industry in India which also can be called Hindi cinema. The language used in Bollywood films in Hindi and you can get all Bollywood news in Hindi mein. The film industry is mainly located in Mumbai. The word "Bollywood has also come from the replacement of "H" in "Hollywood" by "B" which represents "Bombay", the first letter of the capital in India which is called Mumbai in present. The output of film production in Bollywood is also high. In 2017, more than 350 Bollywood movies have been released. Therefore Indian cinema is considered as the world's largest film industry. Unlikely Bollywood, Hollywood is actually a place situated near California and Los Angeles. It is also known to be the birthplace of U. S. film industry. Because Hollywood is the place where the earliest studios are located.

When talking about the products of both Bollywood and Hollywood film industries, Hollywood movies are accepted by movie lovers all over the world. But in some aspects, there are reasons to believe that Bollywood movies are better than Hollywood movies.

The way of expressing emotions and feeling

In Bollywood movies, the directors try to make heart touching moments of expressing emotions such as love, sorrow, heartbreaking, etc. They try to make us feel the situation showing in the movie with jokes, playing background music, extremely natural facial expressions of actors and actresses, etc. In tragic stories, if the director and the particular people who are joining in acting are talented enough they can make the audience cried.

The relationships and family bonds

Unlike Hollywood movies, Bollywood movies are produced based on Indian culture society. There is a considerable difference between Hollywood and Bollywood cultures. Especially in relationships and family bonds. India is an Asian country. In most Asian countries, members of a family are more connected to each other than in European countries. Therefore, the stories in the movies follow the same manner.

Beautiful songs and dances

This can be mentioned as a unique fact that Bollywood movies have and Hollywood movies do not have. More than 99.9% percent of Bollywood movies use music and songs that can support the audience feel the emotions better. They usually use colorful backgrounds, costumes. Not only songs but also dances are used in Bollywood movies with a group of dancers most of the time. This group can be 10-15 dancers or even 100-200. When the Indian cultural dancing items are used, it makes Bollywood movies more unique when compared with Hollywood movies.

A broad range of audience

In this fact, Bollywood films are way better than Hollywood movies. Because in Bollywood movies, directors are focusing on a wide age range of the audience. They try to make the movie in a way that even a family with members of different ages can watch together. Most of them make sure to include at least a small part to entertain the audience of any age while Hollywood movies hanging on to sharply express one theme. You can find Bollywood movie reviews in Hindi which are shared by the audience.

People love both Hollywood and Bollywood movies. But for some who seeking the qualities like the above, Bollywood movies are better than Hollywood movies. It depends on the taste.

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