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by on July 8, 2019

With increasing technology, threats are also touching the sky. Every day, new threats are arriving. Detecting malware manually is somewhat difficult. But there are some common symptoms by which you tell that your device is suffering from some kind of malware infection. If you are suspecting similar symptoms in your device then take preventive measures instantly before you face a huge loss.

Common symptoms of having malware in your device

Poor performance

With time, the performance of every electronic device starts diminishing. But if the performance of your device is getting poor without any reason then your device might be suffering from malware infection. Malware such as virus replicates itself and infect the whole computer. Viruses can corrupt your data and perform various other malicious activities inside your device. Viruses start consuming the RAM cycle which results in low performance.

Low hard disk space

Malware can harm your device in many ways. But replicating themselves and occupying the space is the most common one. If you have stored fewer data and your device is showing low memory error then it's a clear sign that your device is suffering from malware infection. AVG Activation Key provides excellent security from malware and all other threats.

Unexpected crashes

If you are getting unexpected crushes then firstly check your disk space. Low hard disk space is the main cause of crashes. Every program needs some free space while executing. If you are lacking free space then getting crushes are normal. But if you are free space and still you are facing crushes then it means you have some kind of malware installed in your device. Malware can be in various forms such as a file or any malicious application.

Annoying pop-ups

Pop-ups are one of the most common symptoms of getting infected from malware. While working; you may get numerous pop-ups from time to time such as "your device is in danger!" Some of the pop-ups are from your system alerting you about the malware. But you may also get pop-ups from malware such as "protect your device with XYZ software" When you click on that pop-up; a setup will start downloading and unknowingly you are installing dangerous malware such as Trojans and spyware in your device.

Error Messages

Malware can infect your files, software, drivers, and can make various changes in your system. Here are some common error messages which you may get due to malware infection:

1. Unable to open this file
2. Unknown command
3. Your Printer is not responding
4. Page cannot be displayed

You may sometime notice few changes on your web browser's home page or on your desktop icons.

If you are facing these types of symptoms on your device then instantly use a good and reliable antivirus on your device. Activate AVG License Number will not only remove all malware from your device but also provides an excellent shield for preventing any kind of malware attack in the future. If you want to protect your device then get a good antivirus which should provide all protective features such as firewall, VPN, powerful scan, web-shield, etc. There are various antivirus plans available today; buy which is in your budget and most suitable for your device.

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