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1). 1 percent of Americans have 33 percent of the money in the United States. 50 percent has just 2.5 percent of the money. 2). One of the eight couples in the United States was added to this year which was found online last year. 3). The most known of which is found in Hawaii city of America. 4). The White House is located in Washington DC and has 132 rooms. 5). About 1 million cars were sold in the USA in 1913. 6). On an average 60,000 people pass over the US by an air in an hour. 7). The world's first telephone directory book was printed in 1878 in the United States. It had only 1 page and 50 names were recorded on it. 8). American people throw away 4 crores 40 million daily newspapers. 9). In the US survey of 50 years old people, it has been found that only 12% of them could say that they are "very happy". 10). The average weight of every woman in America is 50 kg. 11). Every year there are 800 cyclones in the United States. 12). 86% of the men's definition of success includes only "having children", while the proof of women is only "73%" in it. 13). The average American consumes 6 times more protein than needed every day. 14). Every year, 50 million cycles per year are used to throw yikes. 15). Americans consume 35,000 tonnes of lust every year. 16). Americans save less than 1 percent of your indenture. 17). Every American uses an average of 8 batteries a year. 18). Americans eat the highest ice cream on any side of the world in the world. 19). Americans sign 4 million and 20 million checks every year. 20). If you wrote the names of all 50 states in the English language, you would use all the letters except 'Q'. 21). Americans eat as much as 18 pigs every day on their 18th place. 22). Americans make the most pollution in the world, There are states in USA. 23). Every American uses paper equivalent to 465 trees during its lifetime. 24). Americans eat 1 million and 5 million hot dogs every year. 25). Americans throw 25 million plastic bottles every year. 26). Americans spend 90 percent of their time inside the house. 27). Americans play gambling every year 54-55 billion dollars (about 30 million crores). 28). An average of 3000 pounds of food is put into the waste every year in the US Supermarket. 29). During one's lifetime, an American man spends 3,500 hours working. 30). The Statue of Liberty In 1884 France was given a gift to the United States. 31). According to a recent survey, about 81% Russian people think about the United States is negative.
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