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by on July 14, 2019
CARPHEDON powder VS. PIRACETAM powder The structure of carphedon powder is very similar to Piracetam and both are nearly 100% bioavailable when taken by mouth and they have similar half-lives. So why is Carphedon(Phenylpiracetam) powder considered to be preferable to piracetam? Carphedon powder is considered to be as much as 60 times more powerful than piracetam, meaning that it takes significantly less Carphedon powder to see results. This does not mean that taking higher doses of Piracetam will offer the same results as Carphedon powder. In fact, taking more Piracetam will offer diminished results after a certain point, but it will increase the chances that you will experience side effects. The phenyl group added to Piracetam to create Carphedon powder allows it to have a wider range of effects and makes it more efficient at sharpening focus and improving reaction times. CARPHEDON powder VS. NOOPEPT powder It is difficult to compare Carphedon powder to Noopept because they are two very different substances with their individual pros and cons. It really depends on individual brain chemistry and how it affects you. Noopept is considered to be 1,000 times more powerful than Piracetam, as opposed to Carphedon’s powder 60 times. This simply means that it takes less of it to give results, but if it doesn’t have the effects you’re looking for, it doesn’t really matter how potent it is. Noopept and Carphedon powder both have the potential for tolerance build up. There haven’t been many studies comparing the two substances, so it’s difficult to draw a subjective conclusion as to which is better.
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