freemexy jack
by on July 14, 2019
Research on NMN In March 2018, some new research by Ling Liu was published that found NR and nmn powder in drinking water of mice was totally digested to NAM in the stomach and liver. This result was somewhat surprising given that research with both NR and NMN have shown to have effects different from NAM. The Liu research also conflicts with the Mills research from 2016 we reference above, showing that some NMN is found in bloodstream within 15 minutes. One possible explanation might be the most recent research published in Jan 2019 that found the Slc12a8 enzyme can convert NMN directly to NAD+ in the small intestine within minutes. Slc12a8 is not prevalent in young, healthy animals such as those used in the Liu research, but is upregulated in old or sick animals. More research is certainly needed to clarify some of these contradictions and determine the true bioavailability of NMN and NR capsules. In the meantime, we believe that Sublingual delivery of NMN or NAD+ is the most effective method for restoring NAD+.
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