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by on July 16, 2019
Domestic appliances make our daily chores really easy. Appliance designs have been evolving as technology advances. One of the most over-looked home appliances is dryer. It is quite popular due to its ease of installation and affordability.

Either you own a washer-dryer or a dryer separately, it needs proper maintenance. otherwise, you might hear noisy operations, risky tumbling or even complete failure. Any of these hitches and glitches can disturb your normal course of life.

Mishandling or damages can even result in severe injuries such as finger or hand amputation. You should never delay hiring Abbotsford appliance repair as soon as you find any of the following problems.

1. Fuse Problems

When your dryer is spinning but is not producing heat, look for the fuse. Fuse problems are the most common reason for no heat production. The back panel of the machine has the thermal fuse.

If you are confident about your precautionary measures, replace the fuse after gently unplugging the wires. Ensure that you replace with exactly the same kind of fuse.

2. Malfunctioning Thermostat

The thermostat controls the heat production. If your dryer is producing too much or too less heat, it is time to check the thermostat. It is also located in the back panel of the machine.

You can check the functionality of thermostat using the multimeter. If the meter reads less than zero, the thermostat needs replacement.

3. Damaged Temperature Switch

The temperature switch is crucial in controlling the heat production. A damaged switch often causes zero heat production. You may use an ohm-meter to check its functionality.

Meddling with electrical appliances is risky unless you have skill and practice both. It is better to leave appliance repairs to the professionals of the field.

4. Dryer Drum Not Spinning

It is highly unsettling when you plug in the switch of a dryer and the dryer drum sits idly. There could be a number of reasons why the drum is not spinning. The situation gets worse when the drum does not spin and the motor is running. Users report troubleshooting for such a situation as most tricky. An expert can troubleshoot and repair it for you in no time.

5. Broken Belt

A broken belt is a top reason for a still dryer drum. It is easy to identify as you can visibly see the broken pieces or shreds. Replacing the belt is not a big deal but still, you need to have some practice.

The drum has markings on it to line up with the belt. Properly wind the belt around the motor and idler pulley for smooth running.

6. Lint Accumulation

Dryer events tend to accumulate lint. Are you not familiar with the term? The threads loosening from the fabric get stuck in the vent while the normal operation of the dryer. The fine threads are known as lint. It is often ignored until it causes huge problems.

Lint accumulation has serious safety hazards. Every year, nearly 20,000 households get fire due to lint accumulation in the dryer.

A lot of dryer models come with lint trap but this does eliminate the risk altogether. It makes the process of lint removal quite easy. It is recommended to clean the trap after every wash. But beware, the ductwork and vent are still open to the risk.

Lint blocks the airways and drying efficiency is significantly affected. Once a year invest your time in cleaning the dryer vent. Remove the pipe which connects the exhaust vent and dryer. A flexible easy-to-use brush is available in the market for lint removal.

After the pipe is dislodged, reach the dryer opening using the brush. Remove as much as you can. A damp cloth could be used to clean what is left after the brushing.

The Maintenance Rules

With proper maintenance, one can avoid a lot of inconveniences. Basic rules include maintaining a steady power supply. Regular cleaning of machine interiors and exterior is essential for its longevity.

Whereas, annual dryer vent cleaning is a must. You could also do it after every six months if you use the dryer too frequently. In case you face any issue in its operation, never delay calling for Abbotsford appliance repair services
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