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Riding in motorcycle jeans used to be an exception. Today, it is rather the rule for many riders out there. And for a good reason.
First, you need to figure out what your body type is. We're not talking about your personal preferences here, but merely about your own body shape so you can determine which fit will look best on you. If you have an athletic build or if you're full-figured, we recommend you wear jeans with a regular fit (a straight cut is good for everybody and everybody!) or a tapered fit (looser at the upper legs then gradually tapers as they reach ankle).

Different Types of Fitting


The jeans most of us wear are considered regular jeans. These timeless fit jeans rest lightly against your upper legs without feeling too tight. From the upper legs down, these jeans sport a straight cut.


Slim fit jeans have the least amount of fabric in the rear panels, and the openings at the ankle are narrower than in regular fit jeans. They are designed to create a body-hugging fit that ensures your legs have a definition, without feeling too clingy.


Tapered jeans feel comfortable in the waist and thigh area, while from the knee down the model tapers, becoming narrower as they reach the ankle. They offer a more fashionable, contemporary look without the discomfort of being too tight.


These jeans don't hug in any one area, and feel slightly wider all around, like a pair of classic Lee’s or Wranglers. Do not mistake them for baggy jeans, as their fit is mainly offered to add maximum comfort to your ride. Thanks to the combination of a loose waist and a straight leg, these jeans are easy to wear both on and off the bike.
Now you know all about the differences in fitting shape, it's time to pick the pair of jeans that you prefer. As almost every model has been constructed in the same way, following our Tailored Technology design method, you don’t have to worry about whether a particular model is better in terms of safety than the other.
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