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by on July 16, 2019
A brilliant diamond + A personalised ring = The best engagement ring ever!
Are you scared of getting ripped off for a ring? Overwhelmed by the number of options available?
Even if how easy it is to explore through a wide range of rings available in the marketplaces, you will always find it confusing while choosing one of them. When you’re going to propose your partner, you can’t just pick any of the engagement rings showcased at a jewellery shop.
The overall style of the engagement ring would depend on the ring settings you choose. Therefore, you should start exploring those ring settings first. Some of the top engagement ring settings include Solitaire, Bezel, Channel Set, Three-stone, Vintage, Halo, and Cluster.
Mostly, you will the ring settings available in four kinds of metals, which includes Rose Gold, Yellow Gold, Platinum, and White Gold. You will have to pay attention to their longevity and cost.
Next, the diamond you choose should be of high-quality, which is why you should focus on the popularly known 4C’s to evaluate the quality level. Cut, colour, clarity, and carat or 4C’s are an important aspect that decides the aesthetic value of the ring. We recommend you to buy only GIA or AGS certified (lab-certified) diamonds only.
Purchasing one of the best diamond engagement rings will be an exciting experience. You should choose a reputable and reliable dealer (or online supplier) who would make it an easy and stress-free shopping experience for you.
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