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by on July 19, 2019

Click and buy! With online shopping and e-banking; purchasing goods become very easy and convenient. Now you don't have to walk out and spend hours in shopping. With online shopping; you can easily shop your favorite dresses from around the world. Online banking is getting more advantageous because now you don't have to visit a bank or ATM and stand in a long queue. You can easily pay online while buying goods which means now you don't have to carry cash everywhere.

But this much convenience can also become pernicious to you. The very thing is you always buy more than you need and the second and more damaging is you may become a good target for a hacker or cybercriminal. Criminal minds can hack your account and steal your funds as well as your identity. So, what should you do? Not using e-banking and online-shopping is somewhat difficult. The best thing you can do is making your online transaction secure.

Shop from a secure website

A secure connection (SSL) hides your activities from unauthorized people. While visiting any website check whether the website is secure or not. Check the URL of the website; a lock sign and https mean the website is secure. If the website is not secure then avoid visiting it and never make any kind of a transaction with that website. For online transaction; always use trusted transaction sites such as PayPal.

Keep your online transactions password protected

Always use a strong, lengthy, and unique password for your online accounts. Never use the same username and password; a hacker can easily steal your funds. You should use a unique and lengthy password for e-banking accounts. Make sure you are not using the same passwords for your multiple accounts. If you are facing complications in remembering your multiple passwords then use a password manager; the password can keep your passwords safe from hackers. password manager can help to create lengthy and unique passwords. Never share your password to anyone. Your ISP, bank, or any other authentic parties never ask for your password. If you anyone asks your user id and password by using your bank name then report that person immediately.

Never make transactions with unsecured network

Never use public Wi-Fi or we can say any kind of unsecured network for making any kind of transaction. Hackers use the unsafe network for trapping the target. He can access your account with the unsecured network. Always use your data pack for shopping, paying bills or transferring money. But sometimes making transitions with own data pack difficult mostly while traveling; at that situation, you should consider using a VPN. VPN creates a secure transaction and sends your data packets in encrypted form so no one gets your original data.

Install antivirus in your device

Using antivirus in every device is a good way for keeping various threats away but if you are using your device for the online transaction then using antivirus in crucial. provides personal firewall, secure browsing tool, VPN, password manager, anti-spam, email-protection and various other features which provide good safety against any kind of malicious practices.

There is no foolproof way of keeping yourself safe but security measures and your active sixth-sense can be very helpful in making your transaction secure.

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