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by on July 19, 2019
The marketing in veterinary clinics not too different from other types of marketing. The key is to highlight your unique attributes to differentiate yourself from the other clinics.

But emphasizing uniqueness is only part of the strategies involved in marketing, a set of activities, including advertising, that try to get consumers to buy a product or service. Let's see how marketing is used in veterinary medicine, and how the four P's of marketing can help promote your clinic.

Marketing in veterinary clinics: the 4 P

When we face the commercialization of any product, consider first the four P's of marketing to achieve maximum efficiency. The four P refer to these four concepts: Product, Price, Placement and Promotion (product, price, location and promotion).

First, we have the product. The product or service that is offered must be something that is demanded. In general, veterinary services are well accepted, as there are more and more pets. However, it may be convenient to specialize in a specific sector (dogs, cats, birds, exotic animals), for which it is first necessary to see if there is demand.

Next, we have the location. If your clinic offers the most advanced orthopedic surgical techniques, but it is 100 kilometers from nowhere, then it is not a very convenient location for clients, right?

Third, we have a price. Pricing should be competitive. If a clinic offers the same quality procedure but at half the price of what your clinic offers, clients will surely choose your competition.

However, the price should not be reduced at the cost of lowering the quality. Often, the cheapest services cannot use the best equipment or medications, which leads to a greater number of complications and pain for the animals. This allows clinics with good care to charge more for a higher quality service.

And finally, we have the promotion. This is the way to sell the products or services that are offered by the clinic. This can include ads on the internet or in traditional media, a website with nice and accessible design, newsletters, and many more.

These are basically the 4 marketing keys for veterinary clinics that you should keep in mind if you want your query to be successful.
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