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Inversion table reviews by satisfied customers show that using this equipment once or twice a day for as little as five minutes each time reduces pressure and pain.

Neck, back, and shoulder pain sufferers have found relief by using exercise equipment that uses gravity to relieve discomfort.


Inversion Table Reviews - Before Getting on the Table

Before stretching out on the inversion table, the user must first adjust the height change bar to reflect their proper height. It sets if for six feet but the user is five foot two inches, this could cause damage to the affected problem areas.

A strap connected to the frame and back rest should also be adjusted to achieve the desired inversion. Longer strap length allows for deeper decline, and shorter straps lessen decline.

The user then leans back on the mesh or nylon back rest, places their feet on the foot rest, and clamps on the ankle cuffs to keep them from sliding off while inverted.

The user inverts to the desired angle by first lying back, positioning their arms at their side then lifting their arms over their head.

Invert Your Table

Most inversion table reviews recommend starting out, perhaps once a day with only a 100 to 120 degree angle and remaining in that position for just one to two minutes for the first week or two.

First time users may feel lightheaded until becoming accustomed to the sensation. Time and inversion can be increased to a maximum of two sessions per day lasting a maximum of ten to fifteen minutes after the first week or two.

It’s also a good idea to have someone at home with you. Don’t invert alone. Not because it’s dangerous, but just to be on the safe side, in case the inverter feels lightheaded or dizzy.

There are those who achieve full inversion of 180 degrees from the vertical, which would be upside down; however, this should not be accomplished without someone else in the room to assist them in returning to the upright position, if need be.


Is Full Inversion Necessary?

Full inversion should not be held for longer than two minutes. Inversion table reviews show that many consumers feel partial inversion offers the same benefits as full inversion.

My husband finds that hanging upside down is unnecessary. He uses his table about 2 - 3 times per week, at about a 120 degree angle from top.

Handlebars positioned at the sides of the back rest can sway the body up and down to help the alignment process during inversion. When adjusted for the user’s height, the table tilts.

Upon the end of the session, the user returns his or her arms to the side to return to the upright position and dismount the equipment. Becoming upright too quickly will cause dizziness.

Why Does an Inversion Table Work?

The spine is composed of vertebrae, separated by discs that are basically fluid-filled cushions.

A constricted or compressed spine prevents these cushions from properly filling with fluid which results in neck, shoulder, and back pain.

Inversion table reviews prove that using this simple exercise equipment relieves the pressure on the discs, ligaments, muscles, and nerves resulting in improved flexibility and relief from pain.

Most inversion table reviews also list other health benefits, which include improved blood flow and posture, relief from stress, fatigue, and headaches. Inversion table benefits indicate that using this equipment regularly also tones stomach muscles and is an excellent way to cool down and relax after a hard workout.


Inversion Table Caveats

Inversion table reviews recommend that persons with certain medical conditions should not utilize this equipment. Those weighing more than 250 pounds or who suffer from glaucoma, detached retina, pink eye, or bone disorders, breaks, or fractures should not use this equipment. People who suffer from high blood pressure, recent strokes, hernia, or ear infections should also stay away from this exercise.

Women should refrain from using this exercise during their menstrual time, and pregnant women are prohibited from using this equipment.

While there are several manufacturers of tables on the market including the more well known names like Teeter and Elite Fitness, most inversion table reviews indicate that the inexpensive tables seem to be just as effective as their more costly counterparts.


Our Inversion Table Review

My husband and I bought our non-brand name table on Amazon for $100, shipping included, and the table has suited us perfectly. It folds up so it can be removed from the living room when not in use, but the best part is that it seems to be quite stable. It has never wobbled or fallen over, even when my husband is on it (he weighs about 210 pounds.) He can hang comfortably and feel completely secure.

We chose an inversion table that has a solid back board, no mesh, because we felt that seemed more secure. We have a friend who owns a table with a mesh-back, and to be frank, when my husband tried it, he said it is much less comfortable, and even feels a little cheap.

We looked at several inversion table reviews before we chose our table, and found that most people were very happy with their tables, regardless of cost.


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