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by on July 22, 2019

Quartz countertops are considered as the most desirable among the rest of the countertops materials. People all around the world really adore it due to its extremely beneficial qualities. With quartz, you can get all the good properties of other materials collectively then why to spend on other materials with only a few qualities. You can attain a kitchen with any possible look from classic to modern, from contemporary to vintage with quartz. Here are some of the supreme qualities provided by quartz countertop-

1 Extremely Robust-

You can’t find a material as strong as quartz for your countertop. You can use it roughly and can even bang your utensils on it, and it will never say ouch. It is that strong and is not going to crack or break a bit for many upcoming years.

2 Inbuilt Hygiene -

It has no pores at all and thus it doesn’t allow food particles and even microbes to enter inside. It has almost a micro ban layer. Your food is not going to make it stinky.

3 No, reseal please-

Unlike other countertops materials, it does not require resealing. Its surface is already smooth enough.

4 Completely Non-porous-

It is made up of 93% quartz, 7% resins, polymers, and pigments making it nonporous and thus it does not let any liquid enter its surface and thus do not get stained at all, unlike other countertop materials.

5 Easy maintainence-

Quartz requires minimum cleaning. You just have to clean it with a soft cloth and you are ready to go. Due to its non-porous nature, it requires minimal efforts for cleaning.

6 Best for outdoors-

Since quartz is durable and requires minimal maintenance, you can even use it for your outdoors where weather is really harsh.

7 SS resistant-

Quartz is scratch and stain resistant and you don’t need to worry about if you accidentally spill something on it or a heavy utensil fall off from your hand to the countertop. It is not going to be damaged at all.

8 Colour never fades away-

Quartz is really homogeneous throughout. Which means the color you see on the upper layer is the same for inner layers too. Thus it’s color will not going to fade ever.

9 You can even customize it-

Since quartz is constructed you can customize it as the way you want regarding any particular color or pattern.

10 Expensive nah-

It is really affordable and non-expensive except for some exotic pieces. Thus you can remodel your kitchen within your budget easily.

If you desire to have a kitchen which looks beautiful, affordable, easy to maintain and durable enough go for none other then quartz. Buy it from only a trusted provider to have the authentic quality. Universal Stone is one such provider of countertops materials that too of top quality and reliability. Visit quartz countertops Charlotte, NC to place your order.

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