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by on July 22, 2019
The weapons used in the extreme sport of Paintball are many and varied, but if anything they all have the security with which you can use them.

In this post we present the five best paintball guns so you know which one to choose according to your level of experience as a paintball user. In this particular ranking we present those that we believe the five best weapons of Paintball.

Recall first of all that to enjoy a safe session of Paintball, whatever weapon you use, you need the appropriate protections.

First of all we have the JT Sports Tactical, one of the favorites of the experts in Paintball because it is one of the best in terms of shooting, but due to its weight and speed it is not very suitable for children. Therefore, its only defect, if it can be called like that, since many "paintboleros" consider it a virtue, is its excessive weight. The five best paintball weapons.

In second place we find the Tippmann Paintball Gun, undoubtedly one of the best paintball markers that exist in the market due to its precision. Perfect for beginners who do not know how to handle a heavy weapon.

Third, we will talk about the Tippmann Cronus Tactical Paintball Gun. This marker is one of Tippmann's latest creations and one of the best.

Fourth, we found the Spyder Victor 09 Paintball Gun is one of the best options for beginners since it is light and very manageable. Highly recommended for young players due to the possibility of adjusting the speed in addition to having a good grip for the hands. So, you know, if you want to give a marker for small beginners, this is your best option.

Our latest proposal is JT Sports. Without a doubt it is a piece that due to its small size and lightness promises 100% fun for the most hardcore gamers.

So far the ranking on the five best paintball weapons that we have currently found in the market.

In addition to these markers, we want to present you the ones we have available in our leisure center Urban Adventure Vitoria Gasteiz.

As a marker for adult players over 14 years old, we have the Tippmann FT-50 from Cal. 50.

Tippmann is an international reference brand in the paintball market for its quality, accuracy and resistance. Its adequate weight allows easy handling and its barrel makes it possible to reach the most difficult and difficult targets. Without a doubt a very good option to try a game of paintball in our indoor facilities.
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