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by on July 23, 2019
Who has not dreamed of sliding under his own table and being offered a parade of dishes worthy of the greatest restaurants? Do you want to invite your friends to dinner, but the prospect of turning your kitchen into a battlefield tires you even before you start? Never mind! Dinner party chef offers to make your house a gourmet place, the time of an evening. Enjoy your friends while it gets busy in the kitchen.

What does the provision of a home chef include?

When booking the services of a chef, a first contact is made to define the menu. The chef will also ask you to specify the equipment of your kitchen (plates, oven, etc.). He may eventually supplement it with his own utensils according to the chosen recipes. Most of the time, the cook also takes care of the races. The kitchen professionals know the right suppliers and share with them the passion for quality products. On D-Day, your chef will come with your arms loaded to your home, a few hours before mealtime. While the dishes will be elaborated carefully behind the scenes, you will have the pleasure of feeling the scent emanating from your kitchen and you will be able to fully enjoy the company of your hosts. The best is for the end because after serving dishes, your cook will also do the dishes before you leave. What more?

How to find the ideal chef?

As with gourmet addresses, home chefs can easily be found on the Internet. There are also sites offering the services of several chefs. These groups of cooks make it possible to compare prices and services and offer a certain credibility to their service providers. Is not home chef who wants? You must have completed training and obtained the necessary diplomas. It's about the safety of your guests. Compliance with the rules of hygiene and food preservation is paramount as it would be in a restaurant establishment.

Of the big kitchen, yes, but at what price?

Enjoy the luxury of being served at home dishes as beautiful as succulent, it is priceless. However, you will still have to pay the bill. For a starter-dessert menu, you will need a range of 60 to 90$ per person, depending on the reputation, experience of the chef and the region. Generally, the rates are set for a table of 6 guests and the price per person may be higher if you are less numerous.
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