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by on July 24, 2019
All I have left for for the MQC is the elite dungeons lore books.I have two questions I'm hoping RuneScape gold someone can reply:1) Do I have to find the Temple lore novels before I will get the Dragonkin books? 2) Can the lore hound increase the chances for its elite dung books?Thanks! Really simple question I ask today of this Lore Forum. Hence the question is, just how many"Imperfect" worlds are out there? Thousands?A couple dozens?Millions?Infinite?For mention, I'm going to call worlds as what Mod Jack described at RF2017 as"planes." Planes with numerous celestial bodies will be counted as 1 plane/world. Here is a list of ones we know up to now (Feel free to add ones I'm no doubtedly likely to miss):To Reference:Gold = We can now visitRed = We have seen, but could no longer visit.Number we could visit/have visited: 17.1. Gielinor2. Hallow3. Yu'biusk4. Vampyrium5. Infernus6. Abbinah7. Naragun8. Terragard9. Tarddiad11. Dwarf Homeworld12. Dragon Rider Homeworld (name is censored)13. Additional Elemental Planes (No thought how many are out there)14. Gorak Plane15. Kethsi16. Cosmic Entity's Plane17. World where Zamorak lit a village . Mazcab19. Plane Armadyl Visited with the little flying insect/bird things20. Runespan22. Jermyn23. Airut homeworld24. Realm of the Fischer King25. Ocularis26. Behemoth homeworld27. Gorajo homeworld29. Puro-puro31. Killer-watt homeworld32. Sparse Plane33. Spider homeworld34. World at other end of the Rift35 of Ork. Werewolf homeworld36. Sacred Clay/Proto Worlds (No idea on number)37. Bordanzan (?) 38. Tuska Event39 was comprised in cheap RS gold by tentacle-Tree world. Holy Island world featured in Tuska Event40. Lightning world showcased in Tuska Event
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