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by on July 25, 2019
How to Play Poker Online Easily Definitely Understand - Already know about poker games that are played using playing cards? Sure you know, especially the game that is currently hot is Hago. Already know there is a poker game available there. But if you play there where there is profit, you only add friends. From you, you only spend your money to buy a quota without any income at all, you can try a real money online gambling site, you have already issued a quota with money, you can also get back the capital that you spend instead it can be 2x fold. If you want to try playing it, I want to share how to play easily that you can use to get the most profits. how to play-poker-online How to Play Poker Online Easily Understand For those of you who are just playing for an online gambling site, you may not need to be confused, because the game is just the same as on an online gambling site, you play with real money. So you have to be careful, if you lose your money will immediately disappear instantly. Before entering the core of the discussion, you need to know the purpose of this game, that is, make combinations with the 5 best cards. But before entering into the game, prepare an online gambling site first. For those of you who don't have it, I have prepared one site, namely at For those of you who don't understand, I'll explain in detail about how to play poker online, especially for beginners. Just go straight. The way to play online poker is easiest to understand: At the beginning of the game you will be dealt 2 initial cards (Hole Cards). The game will move clockwise starting from the left side of the dealer position Before the game round, 2 players are required to issue bets to start the game. The player who is right on the left must put the small blind and the player is left by the large blind to start the bet. Starting from here the game starts There are 4 stages in playing poker, namely: Preflop Action The first betting round begins with a 2 Hole Card being shared in a closed manner for each player. The first player to move is the one to the left of the big blind and has three options: Call: Match the number of big blind Raise: Increase the number of bets Fold: Give up in the game The Flop poker online The second betting round starts with 3 cards placed on the table simultaneously and the betting round starts again The turn The third betting round starts with card 4 placed on the table and the betting round starts again The river The last betting round is called River and is followed by the last round called Shutdown River is called the fifth card which is placed open after the turn of the action, and the betting round still starts. After all betting actions are completed, the player who is still playing opens his hole card to determine the winner called Shutdown. Shutdown is a player who still opens his hole card and with the help of the dealer, the winning card is determined. The player with the best five-card combination wins the pot. That is the way to play online poker which I explain is the easiest and easiest to understand for those of you who just want to play online gambling especially those who are just going to try on one of the trusted online gambling sites How? Mending to play gambling online or gambling? If you play in gambling, you just waste time + just throw away the quota, you can just play online gambling, already spend money + time + quota paid with 2x profit (win + bonus)
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