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by on July 26, 2019

It becomes a staple to choose the right Content Management System when it comes to building your website. Especially, Drupal vs Wordpress becomes a matter of discussion because both are popular and most trusted CMS.

In this article, we are going to differentiate both CMS and know which one is best for you.

Without further ado, let’s discuss the ultimate CMS battle: Wordpress vs Drupal


Those who have heard or who have been working with Drupal know that Drupal is a bit complex to learn as compared to WordPress. But Drupal also has advanced functionality as well. It depends on what your requirements are.

Drupal’s more features become confusing and hindrance if you are not a pro with Drupal. Drupal has taxonomies, content types, blocks, views and more.


Wordpress has a wide variety of paid and free themes and plugins that can get you started building your website. Drupal also has some starter themes available but the major part of a Drupal website is designed for custom development.

People love to work on WordPress because of the availability of WordPress plugins, from SEO to Social media and more. Drupal’s version of plugins is called modules.

Ease of use

Those who are new to Drupal will find it hard to use but once it is mastered it’s a cakewalk. On the other hand, WordPress is beginner-friendly and easy to use. Hence from bloggers to big organization, almost everyone prefers WordPress as their CMS.

The WYSIWYG editor makes it simple for the user to curate the content whether its an image or any other content.


Security is one of the most important factors while you are building a website. The entire open source community has seen its share of security fears the platform has enterprise-level security and provides in-depth security reports.

That’s why government organizations and schools prefer Drupal over WordPress.

Wordpress, on the other hand, is vulnerable to hackers and other attacks. However, there are some security plugins that prevent a security breach from hackers.

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All in all; Wordpress and Drupal both have their shares of pros and cons. It’s important to know which one is better according to your requirements. Wordpress can be the best choice for bloggers. While Drupal can be the best for a corporate office or government offices.
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